Choose Smart Steps To Plant Your E-Mail campaign plan

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Having a compelling email campaign plan whose conversion rate is high is everybody’s dream. But actually having such an E-Mail campaign plan is easier to built than you ever thought. We all know the fact that E-Mail marketing is one of the most prominent and genuine way to take a lead in business.

E-Mail marketing is not just about having a great amount of subscribers. E-Mail marketing is all about presenting your self in a striking way to influence your readers to convert into your business and become important part of your business. In this blog you will have in depth idea about striking email campaign plan tips and powerful WordPress tools for increasing your email list effectively.

Why you should plant your email campaign plan step by step?

The very first answer to this question is that, E-Mail network is very huge than you think. According to a research their are 2.7 Billion Active E-Mail users and their are 4.9 Billion E-Mail accounts counted till mid of 2017. Second and the well explained answer is that including E-Mail marketing campaign to your strategy will positively push business sales and brand value.
You should plan your E-Mail campaign if you want to

  1. Have better promotional strategy for your business
  2. Have a list of all your valuable customers
  3. Keep your visitors updated about your progress, new products and services

Great!!, you decided to make a compelling E-mail to attract more visitors to your site. Right?? You need to create an E-mail which is so striking and interesting that your visitors will definitely want to read and visit your site.

Follow these simple ideas to create an cool and converting Email

1. Write subject line that grab attention quickly

An user gets ton of E-Mails daily and it is not possible to go through all E-mails carefully with full interest. To have your visitors keen interest in your E-mail, you must write your subject line in a catchy and clean manner which is easily understandable and fun to read.
According a research if you include numbers in the head line then the E-mail opening chances increases by 29 %
Here is an example of a head line which uses numbers-

“How to generate 195,013 visitors a month without spending a dollar on ads” by Neil Patel’s Blog

Thats called a compelling action taking head line. An user who wants to increase his website traffic will definitely click on it, and even if someone’s site has good traffic, he will also check this just to ensure what he is teaching unique.

2. Write to hike the readers curiosity

An E-mail can not summed up with complete in dept information. E-Mail must be short , smartly created and swift to read. While writing an promotional mail, maintain the users curiosity to visit your site at least once. once user landed on your website, the motto of your E-Mail is 50 % completed.
What for the rest 50 % ???
Your goal is not just to increase your site traffic, naturally you want to make some profit out of your E-Mail campaign. If your visitor buys something from your site then your campaign is completed 100%. Keep your motivation high even if you can’t make conversion from your campaign, it’s just a beginning, you will start getting traffic if you regularly keep posting such high quality E-Mails. Give a reason to visitors why should they visit your site.

3. Make Your First Paragraph a Killer one

Even if you are writing life saving important content but if it is boring to read, than you have reduced your content reachability to one third of your expectation. Try to write more engaging content In the mail which will drive traffic to your website. This is the key point of your Mail that will decide a user will read the whole blog on your site or will get bounced off from your mail.

4. Structure of your E-Mail

After the first killer paragraph, its time to switch to the rest of the content of your E-Mail. This Plays a major role in the whole campaign. What information you feed in mail, will motivate your visitors to come to your site.
Here are few tips while writing the body content of E-mail:

    1. Don’t make too long paragraphs.

    2. Use bulleted points to list out important highlights.

    3. Don’t overdo the text formatting.

    4. Grammar mistakes are your foe.

Once you start writing short yet informative E-Mail body, you will definitely going to drive traffic to your website.

5. The “Call To Action”

The Call To Action is your last paragraph of mail in which you will drive your readers what to do next after reading the mail. Your Call To Action is an instruction in a hidden form which will instruct readers do what you desired. If you wrote an exceptionally outstanding E-Mail with a well framed Call To Action then your chances of conversion is even more. According to a research an E-Mail with a proper Call To Action performs 29 % better than the normal Mail.

6. Format of E-Mail

You can not ignore the importance of how an E-Mail looks. It’s not about the proper information with right formatting. The overall structure of a Mail matters a lot when it comes to an promotional campaign. You must take care of the format of mail to match up your content. You can use MailChimp for creating your E-mail campaign.
It offers lot of cool templates for various categories, you can even code your own template for custom make over. Mail Chimp offers you in depth details about how well your campaign has perform. You can view who viewed your content and how much share or visits you got. You can try free trial of Mail Chimp for your E-Mail campaign.

Having a well built active subscribers list is an asset for your business. And building such list definitely takes time. But there are so many tools available for building E-Mail list.

Here is the list of best tools to grow your subscribers list

1. Leadpages

LeadPages is the perfect solution for increasing Mailing List. It helps you to generate more subscribers by creating beautiful landing pages, email subscription pages, ThankYou pages and much more in quick time. The most amazing part of Leadpages is that it is available for non WordPress platform also. If you want to seriously improvise your E-mail marketing strategy than you should definitely opt for Leadpages. The subscription of Leadpages is $ 17 for two years which is very economical.

2. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is also an amazing tool available for both WordPress and Non- WordPress platform. It offers various different kind of subscription box templates that are designed to draw your visitors attention. OptinMonster comes with very user-friendly interface and quick responding support system. The basic plan of OptinMonster starts from $ 9 per month.

3. ConvertPlug WP Plugin

This plugin serves as all-in-one pop up plugins that helps you build your email subscribers list in a faster way. It lets you turn your website into a lead generation hub. It offers lot of pop up designs to attract your visitor. The ConvertPlug WP Plugin offers you 10+ popup display positions, 12+ different visitor triggers and filters, and 100+ pre-designed and high-converting templates. You can purchase it by paying $ 21.

4. HelloBar

This is a free plugin which creates a small header bar in your blog’s header section. Your visitors will definitely going to visit it You can use this plugin to grow your affiliate sales or to direct users to landing pages. If you use compelling words on your HelloBar signup form, you can bring in more email subscribers in no time.

5. Opt-In Panda WordPress Plugin

Opt-In Panda WordPress Plugin helps you protect a portion of your content of your website by blurring it, To unlock the content your visitor have to enter their e-mail address. Which is simply converting a visitor into a subscriber. Opt-In Panda connects to popular emailing service like AWeber, GetResponse, which lets you directly store your subscribers onto an email list. You can purchase Opt-In Panda WordPress Plugin subscription by paying $ 23.

You can also try Drip E-Mail campaign!!

Drip E-Mail Campaign is a series of emails that contain information in sequential manner. These emails are scheduled and sent over a period of time so that a reader will get important information time to time. This kind of campaigns are very important if you have that kind of content which is followed by one another.

If you want your subscribers to stick to your blog, then a drip campaign is good to go. A good drip campaign can improve conversions, and also improves click rate. But before using Drip campaign make sure that you have planned well what to send in which E-mail. Plan your content first then move towards the drip planning of mail.


An email campaign plan is easy when your are dedicated and interested in it. Their is no short cut to have huge traffic overnight but if you are going to plan your campaign then their are so many resources out their to help you as mentioned above. Take time, create content, launch your campaign, surprise your subscribers with your quality piece of content. Here is another Guide for Digital Marketing Strategy, if you are planning a digital marketing strategy do read this.



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