5 Reasons should keep changing themes in WordPress site

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Let me share with you an interesting instance from my childhood. I remember watching one of the print advertisements of a popular biscuit brand that appear frequently in the newspaper at my home. The brand used to distinctly place its logo with a thematic presentation of its product. The concerned company used to apply different color themes, designs and layouts everytime it comes out with fresh print ad, however the company logo remains intact in all its ads. This made me glued to their ads which often prompted me to wait desperately for its next outing. I can say for sure that these advertisements must have been the engaging point of their products, and that was what translated into its high sales. Of late, the company has successfully build its trust over these advertisements for the last many years of its existence.

Many of you must be wondering why I am sharing this ‘out of context’ thing with you. Well, I guess few of you must have noticed the fact that despite the company’s logo remaining same in all its ads, the themes kept on changing. This provided the brand a distinct credibility and freshness which catapulted it into scripting its big success story. So now we realise that theme plays an important role in brand positioning and variation in theme keeps the ball rolling…Isn’t it?

In today’s times of rapidly emerging internet story, the online market place has certainly encroached upon a big area of vast expanding global business. With the websites generating huge traffic, it becomes imperative to pay extra heed towards this key serving point of your business. The advent of WordPress and stylishly designed range of WordPress themes churning out every other day, has taken the scope of innovating websites to altogether new level.

Here I have brainstormed into five important reasons why you should keep experimenting with new themes for your WordPress site.

Traffic engagement


Like the story I mentioned at the start of this article, every site needs due amount of refurbishment at regular time interval in order to keep the visitors interested in your website. Also you need to multiply your traffic to take your business notches higher than that of your competitors. A full responsive WordPress theme newly added to your site may build up new scope for generating more traffic to your site.

Fresh Appeal to site


Obviously when you keep giving new look to your site with added ultra modern premium WordPress themes, your site will get a fresh lease of life and your business will eventually appear like a rejuvenated and re-energised venture.

Scope for R & D


To stand today’s cut throat competion in online market, you simply have to treat your site as your lead product which serves as circulating point of your services or other products. And like every product, your site too needs a substantial amount of research and development, which only comes by switching to new WordPress themes trending the market place.

Business Boost


An impetus to your business is the only way you can tread the path of success. With the blooming new colors engrossed beautifully in the themes and the responsive layout it packs for your site, your business will certainly grow leaps and bounds.

Innovative Identity


A visitors psychology is developed over the amount of change he is greeted with, every time he or she visits your site. Your site’s changing appearance while keeping your brand logo intact will certain add a degree of flexibility to your brand identity. So in order to win over this area, you have to create distinct identity with scheduled change in your WordPress themes.

Guys, though simple and straight it may sound but sooner or later every online venture must realise the importance of switching to new WordPress themes and making this change a constant process.

So when are you switching to new WordPress theme for your site. Time is really ripe now… What do you think about this? Do share your valuable comments here.


Pallavi Dixit
Pallavi is a freelance writer. She skilled in WordPress, technology, and business. When not writing, she's spending time with her family.


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