5 Ways in which WordPress has revolutionized online world

19.October.2016| No Comments

WordPress is like an extended family for the internet community. It is beyond doubt that WordPress has evolved a lot during these years. All things WordPress have not only become an integral part of the lives of webmasters and developers but also for those who are not very much into the online world. And the reason is quite obvious. WordPress has brought an incredible transformation into the way we look at websites, the way we do business or communicate through our blogs.

Thanks to the master crafters and WordPress blenders for their constant efforts, day in and day out, who have given us the soulful website experience. Be it interface, layout, themes and plugins or even social media connect, WordPress truly rules the game. So we can say that WordPress is not only the order of the day but also the need of the hour.

So how has WordPress influenced our online lives. Here’s taking a look at few beautiful things about WordPress that has redefined our vision towards internet.

Ease of Site Maintenance

With WordPress, you can be rest assured that you do not have to dig too deep into the complexities of coding. Of course, you would require some amount of coding but you can do much more with very little. So if you are looking forward to customize your site, you do not need to hold it back owing to cumbersome process. The quick and easy tools of customization available with WordPress makes the site maintenance easier than ever. With WordPress, you to go smooth on everything about your site. Life has really unpuzzled with WordPress in terms of ease of site maintenance.

WordPress Themes

So cool, so responsive yet so classy and beautiful! Precisely these words could best define the ever growing online world of WordPress themes. The theme revolution in WordPress has been one of the landmark in the history of WordPress sites. Now you do not have to apply a deep thought process while planning your business, woocommerce, blog, restaurant or fashion sites. For every business type, there are plenty of creative, SEO ready and cross browser compatible WordPress themes, availabe in both premium and free versions. Most of the WordPress themes like the ones provided by SketchThemes gives you the ease of one click installation and best support.

Multitasking Plugins

When you feel the need to increase the functionality of your site, WordPress has some finely tuned and well synchronized WordPress plugins in its vault. Whether you have some compatibility issues or you want to add on some extra enhancement to transform your site, you have the coolest plugins to take all your troubles away. The WordPress plugins give you and your visitors an ultimate site experience.

Easy Social Media Connect

The world today cannot be imagined without social media. Social Media has traveled a long road in the shortest possible period. Now it is ruling and driving every aspect of our lives. The best social media integration can only be done through WordPress sites. Most of WordPress themes are carved with the scope of 100% social media integration where you can facilitate live Tweets, video streaming and social media sharing buttons on your site. This makes a perfect Social Media-WordPress bond.

Enhanced Sale Potential

In this fast paced commercial ecosystem where everything means business, WordPress stands distinguished in supporting this aspect. Be it music events, fashion designs, online shops, consultants, portfolio sites, blogs or any other business or corporate project, WordPress makes a bold and impressive sales pitch on your behalf. The slider displays and galleries of your product make a better communication with the users and improvises its sale prospects. You just grow tall and develop your business with WordPress .

So if you are not on WordPress yet, now is the time to make the great move and ride in the glory of this super successful phenomenon called WordPress.


Pallavi Dixit
Pallavi is a freelance writer. She skilled in WordPress, technology, and business. When not writing, she's spending time with her family.


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