6 Reasons Why All Bloggers should switch to WordPress

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The New Year has ushered in, bringing new set of hopes and resolutions before all of us. Many of us must have set some milestones to achieve this year. with the best use of our online channels. And the new bloggers on board must have paved way for some freshly rejuvenating ideas to share on their online medium and make 2015 a significant year for them. Some bloggers might have been using blogspot, eblogger or tumblr to express themselves. I am sure you must have landed in a state of confusion throughout using any of the just these mediums. But I bet the confusion will go up in air once you switch to WordPress for your blog.

SketchThemes brings to you some of the most convincing reasons why you should choose WordPress if you want to create new blog in 2015, or switch to WordPress if you are using some other like Blogspot or Tumblr.

Here’s a low down,

Self-hosted Blog

Unlike other channels, WordPress gives you a chance to create a self hosted blog on which you have a total control. This is not the case with Blogspot as the account is owned by Google and carries the risk of getting deleted without any warning. Even if you use custom domain feature (use your own domain name), chances are high that spammers use feature Flag as spam and report your blog as spam. Better to be on safer side with self hosted blog on WordPress.

SEO Advantage

This is something which can be dubbed as exclusive feature of WordPress blog. You are at better advantage of getting more traffic to your blog with search engine optimization, which WordPress is leading at. WordPress offers more options to optimize your blog for search engine where as in BlogSpot you are limited to certain settings.

Free to Resell

You are free to resell a self hosted blog once it attains the desired popularity. So here too WordPress scores over blogspot, because Google strictly doesn’t allow reselling of BlogSpot blogs.

Global Appeal

Even if you measure your blog on global yardstick, you will find WordPress blogs fetch notches higher in terms of readership and accessibility. With blogspot your commercial interest with the blog will be certainly hampered, as many network for bloggers especially those dealing in buying and selling ad do not entertain blogspot bloggers. However, this may not bother you much, but it should be noted that WordPress is more accepted globally.

Stay Updated

WordPress has this wonderful quality of keeping you updated with releasing new version every now and then. Every new version comes with some added features and functionality. Such frequent updates are not seen on any other blog platforms. Agreed that using WordPress is costly but would you like to use for free without any gain or pay little for rich benefits? Therefore You can send money on WordPress Webhosts and at times on your WordPress themes.

WordPress Themes

Every day tons of beautiful and responsive WordPress themes are churned out to make your WordPress blog look cleaner and wonderful. You have got pretty good options to play up your blog text in the most enchanting manner inviting better reader engagement with creatively crafted WordPress themes. Besides, the responsive designs also make way for your blog to be read comfortably on variety of gadgets like tablets, phablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops.


Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma is an avid blogger, a dedicated theme enthusiast and demonstrate craze about everything WordPress. He loves to play with the ideas and sports creativity to derive maximum out of WordPress.


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