Add Google Forms to Your WordPress Website in 3 Easy Steps!

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Many of us may not be aware of what Google Forms is and how we can use this to the benefit of our online business. If you are into WordPress website and expecting brisk business and visitors to your site, then it is high time you should know about Google Forms.

What is Google Forms?


It helps you out in your every form requirement viz contact form, detailed form or any type of request form. All your responses can be quickly accessed as it gets stored in the Google Drive. You can also have a look at the entries through using Google Sheet document but that is only for advanced analysis. Thus integrating Google Forms with your WordPress website is quite a useful thing to do. To make it simple and precise let’s draw out basic steps for you.

Step 1.

Create a Google Form


You need to create a Google Account first, if you haven’t any! Once
you log in to your account you need to click on Google Drive Dashboard
and select Google Forms from the sidebar menu by clicking on more. Click on the New and click more for selecting menu items. You can either use blank form or select from Google Forms Template. Now you can add content to the form which can be either mails, images, landing pages or elaborative YouTube videos. Well you can also change the appearance of the form by adding color schemes or choosing a theme through settings. You can also do more settings to enable number of responses from a user, managing questions, letting the user to log in and also customize the message which confirms the form submission to the users.

Step 2

Publish Google Form on WordPress Site



This can be done quickly using embed feature. You will find this Embed feature by clicking File on the top menu of your page or post on WordPress site. Just click Embed and copy and paste the HTML code into the text editor of your site’s page. You can also set the required measurements of the form viz its height and breadth to get the desired size so that it fits into the page. However it comes with a restriction that you cannot change the style of Google Form as per your site’s design. Also it shows Google logo along with few links which are not that useful to you.

Step 3

Alternative Solution – Install a Plugin

Alternative Solution - Install a Plugin

In order to tackle this situation, you need some good plugin to get your Forms the way you want! You can also install Google Forms Plugin here
This plugin helps you to get your Google Forms embedded into your WordPress post or page. Additionally you can also manage the forms through your admin panel. Just install and activate the plugin and WordPress sidebar will show you a new Google Forms option. Click on this option to see few more – Google Forms, Add New Google Form, and Form Submission Log.

Here you can see the forms or add new ones. You can now give your own title and fill in the required fields. You can also add the optional Confirm URL. You should fill this field to get your form submission process on the go! Well you can also customize this by selecting Redirect or Ajax. Now you can publish it and after doing so you can direct users to fill the customized forms. It can also be embedded on different pages by using shortcode for your form. To get the short code you just have to navigate Google Forms and find it beside the form name.

So this is it! Google Forms are all your for all your good use on your WordPress. Try it and let us know about your experience with it!


Pallavi Dixit
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