Avis Consulting Business WordPress Theme Launched

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Law firms, Consulting Companies and Legal Offices have finally got a way to online glory! Advocate, attorney, business consultant can script their own big online story as SketchThemes is just in with an all new Avis Consulting Business WordPress Theme, exclusively meant for all legal consultants, lawyers or any justice office!

With the launch of “Avis Consulting Business WordPress Theme”, Avis Consulting Business WordPress Theme, the creative theme maker has created a sole paradise for this particular category of professionals who have been longing to get the much desired edge in their online portfolio. Avis is clean and creative modern wordpress theme that exclusively fulfills vivid needs of corporate legal consultants who are looking forward to greet the visitors on their websites with aplomb.

In Avis, the client-side scripting of HTML is also simplified with jQuery feature as all consultants can rejoice with this cross-platform library. This simply eases out the alien looking procedure for getting your theme in your style.

Designed to give an impeccable and clean site experience, Avis Business Consulting WordPress theme means exactly what it claims to be. With the wonderfully carved Portfolio Section instilling a sense of affirmation among your client-spread and a dedicated Testimonial Section adding to your reputation, Avis is distinctly packed with features any lawyer or corporate consultant will vouch for. It delivers options to carry out different blog layouts, provides multi-language support, twitter feed section and the most advanced contact map template. And this is not enough – Avis subtly takes any visitors into its charm as many other potential features like revolution slider, skills section and team members zone keep it engrossing enough to turn visitor into customer.

Let’s take a look what’s inside this revolutionary business consulting wordpress theme called Avis-

Masonry Portfolio 

Masonry Portfolio

A well crafted portfolio is what makes all the difference when it comes to create a big impression on your clientele and prospective buyers. And masonry portfolio section is fair enough to fulfill this need.

Testimonial Section


Your customers speaking a positive thing about you make a big hit among all your prospective clients. Avis gently picks up all those happy words and beautifully packs into Testimonial section. Go ahead and crowd-source your own treasure.

Team Member


Show the amount of strength and talent you retain in the form of your valuable team members. Put up their soft skills in the few pearls of appreciation spoken about them. Let your clients know that it is your collective force that makes all the difference.

Skills Section


Besides showing your beautiful side, you can also display your core expertise in this specially marked area. Bet your clients would love to see the set of skills you have incorporated into your venture. After all, skills are what matter the most!

Service Section


Create a beautiful upper layer of your skills with designated service section. Avis provides you enough breathing space to put together your varied services on offer like consulting, special cases, land registrations, acquisitions, agreements etc.

Twitter Section


Stream all the tweets flowing about you on your and other users’ twitter handle onto your site. This feature will certainly affirm your social media presence apart from keeping you high in trend.

Multi Language Support


Let the visitors have the liberty to communicate with your site in the language they know. Avis comes ready with Multiple Language Support that puts you way above your counterparts. With this special feature, you are sure to break language barrier and rope in more clients to flourish your business.

Advanced Contact Map Template


Map your office address or your branch office locations to show your spread. Even if you run a single office, this one is for you. Catch up with the GPRS facility and enroll more clients rushing to your office through good use of mobile internet.

Revolution Slider


Add colors to your visual imagination with the revolution slider packed with Avis. Let your clients roll their eyes on the beautiful interiors of your office or your picture in consultation or addressing a legal seminar. Put whatever you want to make a deep impact.

Different Blog layouts


With blogs making inroads into each and every business, consultation sites too cannot be left behind. Make your site a two-way communication platform with this interactive feature. Keep your clients and visitors engaged with useful legal tips in your blogs.

With such pack of features Avis is all set to take your consulting business to new high except for the price which is lowered by 20% discount for now.




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