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Before we move ahead, we would like to tell you that there is no shortcut to any work. There is only one Best keyboard tricks smart approach towards the task that makes you go quick and easy on accomplishing your assignment. Using WordPress themes is the trend going full bloom across the globe, with many business houses, big and small, are embarking on WordPress, handling their sites with equal amount of ease.

However, the self-configuration with use of short codes to have our choices in WordPress sites become taxing at times with frequent mouse-clicks. Under such a set of things working for hours, setting tone for your blog, business content and equally maintaining site is not as easy as it appears.

SketchThemes has bright solution to this problem. Now you can go on working at stretch on blogs and playing up the comments on your WordPress site without having to spend too many mouse-clicks.

Agreed, Keyboard Shortcuts are not a new thing. But we are introducing a large number of options here that, I bet, most of us are still unfamiliar with. So, as we said, there is no shortcut to any success, you can also get to the finish line with efforts but with an interesting and smooth way.
We need to understand that keyboard functions in WordPress are far beyond just pressing Ctrl A (select all), Ctrl C (copy) and Ctrl V (paste). In Mac you can use Command key in place of Ctrl button.

Here’s a lowdown on how smartly you can work on WordPress without using mouse, both for your blog posts and comment moderation.

WordPress Keyboard Tips for Editing Posts


Add more speed to your blog editing and posting with these tricks. So while you are in post editor do not forget to use this tips to get away with too many mouse clicks. The sign ‘+’ used below and in all further formations are just reference to explain combination of keys, and need not be pressed.

Highlighting text – Ctrl + Arrow Forward or Arrow Back

Select All – Ctrl A

Copy – Ctrl + C

Paste – Ctrl + V

Cut – Ctrl + X

Undo – Ctrl + Z

Redo – Ctrl + Y

For styling and formatting your text, try these simple keyboard shortcuts. First select the desired text to be worked.

Bold – Ctrl + B

Italics – Ctrl + I

Address – Ctrl + 9

Underline – Ctrl + U

Insert or Edit Link – Ctrl + K

For inserting Heading tag

No need to highlight the whole sentence to change desired text to Heading tag. Simply click the desired area you want to mark for Heading tag and try any one of the following moves,

Heading 1 – Ctrl + 1

Heading 2 – Ctrl + 2

Heading 3 – Ctrl + 3

Heading 4 – Ctrl + 4

Heading 5 – Ctrl + 5

Heading 6 – Ctrl + 6

Now let’s check out the smart things you can do with combined use of Ctrl and Shift button.

Spell – Ctrl + Shift + N

Add or Remove Code Tag – Ctrl + Shift + X

Justify Text Layout – Ctrl + Shift + J

Align Text to Centre – Ctrl + Shift + C

Align Text Right – Ctrl + Shift + R

Align Text Left – Ctrl + Shift + L

Insert Page Break Tag – Ctrl + Shift + P

Insert Read More Tag – Ctrl + Shift + T

Number Style List – Ctrl + Shift + O

Bullet Style List – Ctrl + Shift + U

Remove Link – Ctrl + Shift + S

Insert Link – Ctrl + Shift + A

Insert Image – Ctrl + Shift + M

Insert Quote – Ctrl + Shift + Q

Help – Ctrl + Shift + H

Get desired screen size

To Widen Screen – Ctrl and +

To Narrow Screen – Ctrl and –

To Put Screen to Default Size – Ctrl and 0 (zero)

WordPress Keyboard Tips for managing Comments

wordpress comment - Best keyboard tricks for WordPress - Sketchthemes

Before you use this to ease out your work in comment moderation you need to do a simple preparation. Just follow the steps below before you set out with using keyboard shortcuts in this section.

  • Go to Users in your WordPress Dashboard

  • After this go to Your Profile

  • Locate the Keyboard Shortcuts tick box in your profile

  • Save your profile after ticking the box

Great! You are done…Now go smooth on comment moderation.

K – It denotes Up key and is used to highlight each of your comments in sky blue. This eases you to identify the comment you are working on.

J – it is a Down Key button and it will also highlight your comment in sky blue.

While K leads you move up and J takes you at the bottom of the page. So if you use J to get to the bottom, pressing it further will lead you to next page and if you want to go back then press K and then again press it to go up the page.

Now it’s time for some handy moves, but make sure the comment should be highlighted (sky blue) before you perform your action on it.

keyboard 1 - Best keyboard tricks for WordPress - Sketchthemes

A (Approve) – Approves the current comment that you have selected.

D (Move To Trash; Delete) – Moves the selected comment to trash, and/or deletes comment.

E (Edit) – This will take you to the screen for editing the comments.

Q (Quick Edit) – Opens the Quick Edit option in your comments

ESC – Cancel action.

R – Reply to comment. Press ESC key to cancel your reply.

S – Mark as Spam. The concerned comment will move to spam comment folder

U – Unapproved Comment. It is the key to remove the approval on a selected comment and to place it back into moderation.

X – Tick the check box.

Z – Undo

Sizeable task at single command

Shift + X – Checks all boxes)

Shift + A – Approves multiple items that are selected.

Shift + D – Deleted multiple comments that are selected.

Shift + S – Moves selected comments to the Spam folder.

Shift + T – Moves chosen comments to Trash folder.

Shift + U – Removes approval on selected comments and puts them back in moderation.

Shift + Z – Takes selected comments out of Trash.


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