Best Twitter Marketing Strategy For your Business and Blogs

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Twitter Marketing Strategy to promote your websites is necessary for taking lead in business. The effective Twitter has become traffic machine with calls for better strategies and best tweet ideas have been helping the companies to register phenomenal growth. For this, you need to know how to tweet a blog post or your business offers.

As twitter is always being a favourite and popular platform for marketers to promote their business. The reason behind it the sophisticated 140 characters limit of a tweet. It is a precise and powerful strategy for promoting anything. As readers don’t need to go through really long articles to know about the product or service. So you can create a super creative precise content for promotion.

Why Twitter Marketing Strategy to promote websites?

With the classic advent of social media, Twitter has stunned the world web community with its phenomenal outreach and quick response packet. The growing users of Twitter worldwide have not only made it a hyper-interactive platform but also one of the most effective ways to find the customers and drive them to visit the concerned business sites in no time.

So, no matter which business you run – construction business, restaurant, fashion store, commercial blogs, portfolio, consulting, corporate agency or any other niche, you need Twitter handle to grow and expand.

However, everyone is in vogue of the social media fad and nearly all businesses are endorsing their products via Twitter. But honestly speaking, not all get that amount of weight through their Twitter handles.

This is because of lack of proper tweet strategy. For getting best out of Twitter you need to figure out what people are interested in and what exactly they need from twitter. If you can fill this void, you can plant a perfect marketing strategy for your business.

However, there are examples where the business sites notched up much higher in traffic and rankings with the strategic and effective use of Twitter. So what are those ideas that help to better your twitter traffic stats and make big business through tweets?

Here we some of the cool basics but effective Twitter marketing strategies that will help in giving a big boost to your blog post and sites.

Keep it perfect and precise

Well, this is the first thing you need to keep in mind. 140 characters should be your limit and for links insertion, you need to keep it below 100 characters. Well, 100 characters are always the best bet. When you’re tweeting a link to your blog post, get creative.

Try making really short tweets that invoke interest in your blog article or in your business services. When you’re tweeting about your article, keep in mind that you don’t need to stick with the title of your post.

Creativity is the key

Apart from being short and precise, try to get creativity into your words. Spring surprises for your end users with your tweets. The lines should be so provocative that it should instantly catch the readers’ attention.

Like if you want to promote your new business then you should tweet something like this – Look what’s turning heads in town, know the exclusive insider story of business, best email marketing campaigns secrets, and the creativity never ends.

Take the catch line

Take your followers into the glimpse of your article or blog by displaying an interesting yet catchy line from your write-up. Try to catch their fancy by indulging them into tasting your masterpiece.

Like you wrote something on an interesting recipe of vegetable in your food blog, the line could be – the deeply fried aroma of this vegetable suddenly stimulated my taste buds. You just don’t need to paste the title of your blog.

Add the Number Game

Well, this is quite an effective strategy to earn more clicks on your link. Try to add some statistics if your blogs include those numbers. The numbers really work magic on your post and you just enjoy better and refined traffic to your site. The numbers and characters will make your tweet stand out in the flood of tweets.

In addition, try to use odd numbers, according to a statistics report people are more curious to click on odd numbers as compared to the even numbers. Numbers give a sort of more clarity to people.

Add Appealing Images

All of us would agree unanimously that visual is the first thing that catches everyone’s eyes. While you endorse your crafted text, just multiply its appeal by supporting it with a visually stunning image.

This certainly adds to driving more traffic to your site. Your image should match the topic of your blog – travel, food, fashion, e-commerce etc.

Run Offers

Running offers on your blogs like a contest or anything that evinces readers’ interest is also one of the best bets to promote your sites on Twitter. Organizing contest is one the essential parts of site or blog promotion. This practice should be beautifully extended to your tweets also.

You can also try twitter poll feature to get valuable feedback from the people and it will also keep the audience engage in your marketing strategy. The Twitter poll is an important feature in which you can get insight: which products or services people loves the most and perfer the most.

Using Twitter Poll is very handy. You just need to put the question, you want answer for and give multiple answers to that question. The audience can select an option which seems relevant to them. And after a specific span of time, the Twitter poll will show the final results of the poll.

Use #Hashtags smartly

Instead of just stuffing your tweet with hashtags (#) everywhere, make the right balance. Do not forget to use hashtags in tweets but at the same time remember to keep it clutter free. These can be used if are promoting multiple things like products, blogs or any offer running with it.

A 2-3 hashtag is a perfect number for a single tweet. It should not exceed than 3 hashtags. It will look too overstuffed which will affect the reading experience. The tweet should look clean and clear to the point.

If you are going to launch a drip series of tweets then make sure to use single #HashTag to keep the tweets organized and clutter-free. If you are asking your valuable customers for a retweet, then keeping a single #HashTag will be easy for them to tweet.

Mention @usernames

True twitter communities always rely on the Twitter handles which is @username. So if you want to mention someone among your follower or anybody else using Twitter, do address them as @username in your tweets. This will certainly draw users closer to your tweets and increase the chances of getting it re-tweeted.

It will also increase traffic to the site, thanks to the wide twitter community. By mentioning the names, you will also get traffic from their followers also. As the community network of Twitter is so huge, the chances of getting viral or trending on Twitter is easy nowadays.

You just need the right niche to get started on Twitter and generate huge sales leads even from a small group of interested people.

Ask for Retweet

It is just about adding RT or Retweet to your tweets that matter. If the tweet generates interest among the followers then they may not mind accepting your re-tweet requests. Also, don’t limit yourself to requesting a retweet, but also make sure you also re-tweet their interesting tweets, particularly those which have mention of your posts or site.

It will generate a healthy marketing opportunity among the same interest groups. Re-twitting is the perfect idea for growing popularity of your business. Bigger the group, bigger the opportunities. Retweets and replying to mentioned tweets create a good engagement among the group of interested audience.

There are many WordPress plugins available which gives the facility to tweet anything while reading the blog. If a reader selects some words or lines, this plugin will show various sharing options for sharing that content.

Go for Advertising Your Tweets

Promoting your tweets through advertising should also be followed as an essential norm if you are really looking forward to making your post go viral. This means is pretty cheap and offers you an edge over your competitors. Twitter also facilitates to promote your tweets in the targeted customer zone on the basis of geography, hobbies and keywords.


Boost your sales by taking these smart tricks in your Twitter marketing strategy. Apart from all kind of marketing, the Twitter marketing is little different. As the word limit is very bounded. But that’s the soul of Twitter marketing.

Use this word limitation as a performance stage for showing the magic of words. As the words will be minimum and precise than the chances are much greater that people will read the tweet with more concentration.

Use this platform to target only specific people who are interested in the product or service you are providing. By creating a small community of people who are of the same niche can help a lot in generating good sales from Twitter itself and expand business easily.


Rahul is a technology writer, focused mostly on free and open source software like WordPress and Linux.


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