Best ways to generate sales through your blog

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Generate sales through your blog. Make a great and convincing sales pitch through all your blogs, if you have a great number of followers on your blog. You must be wondering how to generate sales through your hit blog without losing out the faith of your readers.

But first thing first. Have you ever tried to generate sales through your blog? Writing a blog is another thing and making a sale pitch is another. Both are different things, so its necessary to keep a fine line between both the two.

We know you have earned the readers the hard way. Therefore you would certainly not want to sound like a salesperson in your content.
But you shall agree with the idea of generating sales and monetize your useful content. We agree that you may be equally worried about your blogs’ credibility in getting your readers into buying something.

But believe me selling through your blogs is not as difficult as it appears. You just need to maintain a fine balance between being salesy and providing useful content to your readers.

So how to generate sales leads in creative manner?

Here are few simple things to adopt in your blogs while making the sales pitch for any product or services.

1. Be friends with your readers

While making a sales pitch, you should be extra catious. Don’t go overboard and push too hard to sell anything. Let your readers know about the certain product in a friendly manner. Sell without letting them think that you are desperate to sell.

2. Add Value to Your Content

Gain the trust of your readers by hitting the right nerve of your audience. You should be more informative on the topic which you are writing. Your blogs should be versatile and reflect your detailed knowledge on the subject. Once you earn that value to your content, you can translate that into sales.

3. Be Relevant

Writing on one subject and making a pitch for something else would not really help. The product which you want to sell should be relevant to the content of your blog. Suppose you are writing on choco chips cake. Then you can endorse the place where one can get delicious and priceworthy cake. Alternatively, you can suggest some brands of ingredients that can be used in cake, if you are adding recipe in your blog. Similar condition applies for all other products. Relevance is the key here.

4. Create Buying Urge Among Readers

You should give detailed reason why the product you are recommending is the best for your readers. Explain its values and benefits like cost, utility and durability. Do not go on bragging about anything. Be polite in listing the benefits so that your words can create an urge to buy certain product.

5. Share User Experiences

Just like testimonials, you can also add real life experiences of the customers who had used the product. This will instantly connect with the readers in more practicable manner. Here also you should be careful. Ensure that you present a convincing record of user experience.

6. Join Affiliate

In all honesty let your followers know you are into affiliate program of certain services. Tell them why you felt like selling certain products or services and how using them will improve their lives. Take them into comfort zone. Make them feel that you are selling that product because you always wanted your readers to get only the best. Do not misguide them in any way.

7. Get them First Hand Feel

Not the least, get your readers to sample the services or products if it is available. Like in premium WordPress themes many theme developers provide Free Trials. You can extend similar offer to them. Similarly getting them into contest to win something will only increase sale prospects.

So now you know cashing on your blogs is just an art which you should perform tactfully. Go on make it big. Also let us know in the comments, how these ways helped you in monetizing your blog.
Have a great sale generating blogging!


Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma is an avid blogger, a dedicated theme enthusiast and demonstrate craze about everything WordPress. He loves to play with the ideas and sports creativity to derive maximum out of WordPress.


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