Better to avoid spam comments in your blog than to suffer low rankings?

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Tired of spam comments making the worst use of your blog’s or site’s comment box for generating backlinks? The spammers are for sure the sellers who wanted to grab the traffic from the most visited sites for enhancing their visibility on Google. The comment box at the bottom of some important piece of article or blog on your site are prone to threat of getting spammed by some automated robot which scans such sites having open comments feature. Such automated spam robots infiltrate the comment box with the intended proposition which sells either some hair growing or fat burning drug, sexual enhancement vitamins, poker, porn, or even fraudulent activities like luring the visitors into their trap to extract money from them.

SketchThemes brainstormed with various factors that lead to such spammers attacking on loosely secured commenting mechanism, largely to squeeze out backlinks. SketchThemes has also worked out few ways to get rid of such spooky comments which can destroy your Google ranking.

Spam Comments – Cause of concern


The first thing that such spam activities do is to harm your site’s ranking, thereby degrading it in front of Google’s evaluation mechanism. Building a link by leaving comments with spammy keywords, absurd phrases, fake mail ids and urls has been bothering big time to bloggers who register their popularity through their WordPress websites. Such a set of comments intently placed in the comment box, badly damage the SEO buildup of the concerned site. Before we see the measures to stop such spam comments on your site, we need to understand how such comments infiltrate any site.

Check out Pingbacks, Trackbacks

Check out Pingbacks Trackbacks - Better to avoid spam comments in your blog than to suffer low rankings?

Here we have two things – Pingbacks and Trackbacks which are mutually related. While Pingbacks are the automatically created comment which is received when your blog posts or articles are linked to some other blog posts on a different site. Pingbacks should be quickly deleted as it will not help you out in improving your position on search engine. Trackbacks are manual notification from the one who has linked your blog to their site. Both the terms can be threat to your website’s SEO.

Identify spam comment

Identify spam comment - Better to avoid spam comments in your blog than to suffer low rankings?

In order to prevent your blog from such spam comments, the very first thing you should do is check for the links, if any, shared in the comment box of your blog. This is the major reason behind your site getting downsized in terms of SEO. Before you approve, go for quick check of validity of such links. You should also examine the nature of content in the comments, whether it complements to your blog or looks quite general. There are possibilities that clones of such content could have been placed on numerous such blogs on other sites. Disapprove it immediately. Even if you find same commentator posting different mail ids and urls, be cautious as it may be a phishing site. Look for other loose ends like email validity and fake identity too.

Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure - Better to avoid spam comments in your blog than to suffer low rankings?

Agreed it is not possible to get rid of all spam comments. But with the measures we are suggesting here, you can reduce 90% of such comments in your comment box. Let’s take a look

  • Use anti-spam wordpress plugins like GrowmapAntiSpam Bot or WP SpamFree. Additionally download some good anti-spam software like Paranoid Spam Detector or Apache Spam Assassin.

  • When you see any strange or anonymous posting, do not approve it.

  • Secure comment box with Captcha field

  • Turn comment moderation on.

  • Using ‘Nofollow’ attribute for the links shared in the comment can also be effective

Using the above set of things with decisive attitude will for sure let your comment box clutter free and fills it with authentic audience only.


Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma is an avid blogger, a dedicated theme enthusiast and demonstrate craze about everything WordPress. He loves to play with the ideas and sports creativity to derive maximum out of WordPress.


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  1. jessy says:

    Great article! Great advice! Very tired of spam! The advertisement itself is not the worst part! But the messages that come with it drive me crazy! They have to be at least educative or creative! Something like:

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