Boost your E-mail subscribers with Social Media Tips

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As the search engine optimization is getting complex and broad days by days, more people are leveraging the power of social media to gain Internet traffic. The social media is a powerful and rapid platform which can boost traffic in no time if used in a planned blueprint. If you are not using these social platforms to expand your reach then you are really missing something prominent source of traffic.

The social media is a great way of improving and increasing your email subscribers list without even spending much time and money on it. Integrating these sites with your email marketing is really important because people trusts and loves to receive emails about their favourite products.

Building a solid email subscribers list is the first step towards building a solid foundation of your business. Email marketing is quick and more cost-effective than any other platform. According to a research, $1 spent on the emails gives nearly $38 in return. This is just amazing and more fruitful. In this article, we will check out how can we boost email subscribers using the social platforms.

Let’s have a look at a quick comparison between social media and E-Mail marketing

The very first thing which is common for all marketing strategies is the user engagement and interaction. Social media is extremely fast, snappy and changing platform. If you tweet something there are fewer chances that even 10% of your audience will able to see it because of the rapid tweet rate.
And on the other hand, the E-mails are more personal, engaging and comprehensive as compared to all the blazingly fast platforms. Most importantly having a good email list is important for communicating directly, which is not possible on social sites.

The boom of social media is so high that more and more platforms are coming for audiences and the people are adopting many, so there is no stability, there is no probability that you will find the same visitors again on the same platform, but yes you will find some new customers as well.

Tips for boosting email subscribers

1. Facebook Page
social media tips
The user base of Facebook is huge and creating your brand page will be very beneficiary. If you are already having a Facebook page, then you might be having a decent fan following. And the chances are they had never visited your site. It’s a good idea to convert them into your email subscribers.

The easiest way to convert your audience into subscribers is by adding a link right to the signup form. You can use the Facebook’s inbuilt Call To Action buttons which are always displayed on the top of the cover image. It will be easy for the visitors to find the button and subscribe to your mailing list.

2. Facebook’s retargeting and remarketing pixel
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Retargeting is a business strategy in which the marketer will show you the ads related to products that you checked out on their store.

You have noticed multiple times that after visiting a particular store, you start seeing the ads which are related to that stores only, that called the retargeting or remarketing. And Facebook’s retargeting ecosystem is known as the pixel.

The Pixel does not add anything to your website visitors data. It just sends a browser cookie to the visitors, so that the Facebook can recognize them. Once your visitors leave your site and visit Facebook, they will see your ads targeted just to them.

This is the golden chance where you can plan your subscribing strategy and get the maximum subscribers out of your retargeting strategy.

3. Add links to your Youtube Channel
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If you are having a youtube channel of your brand, you are the real hero. It’s good to have as much as possible content for your brand and products to keep the audience engaged. Youtube plays a major role in engagement, there is no doubt that videos are much more interactive than the text and the images.

You can add a link of subscribers form in the description of your video so that the viewers can subscribe to your channel. Now the question is, why a visitor will subscribe your mailing list. You can offer some freebies like E-book, or course material, or give access to some special content.

You can quickly add a link to your video easily by going to your Video Manager, then click on Edit -> Cards -> Add card. Now you can add a link to your website.

Once a user lands on your website’s landing page, you can use the OptinMonster campaign to show them targeted offers. OptinMonster’s referral detection feature makes it easy to target your campaign so that only your YouTube fans will see it.

4. Twitter Ad Campaigns
social media tipsTwitter is an another fast, rapid and dynamic platform. You can also try the twitter for increasing your email subscribers via twitter from its ads campaigns. Twitter Ads is another platform that you can leverage for generating more leads.

Twitter also allows to run a leads generation campaign directly in the user’s Tweet stream. This way users can sign up for your email list without even leaving Twitter. It’s hassle-free and fast. use this facility to drive traffic to your landing page and gain more visitors.

5. Drive traffic from Pinterest
social media tips
Pinterest is popular and powerful social media platform that you can leverage to boost the subscribers. It is very similar to the Facebook and Twitter. You can offer Pinterest followers special content access, coupons, e-books and much more.

These freebies will encourage the visitors to subscribe to your mailing lists. As Pinterest is quite popular among people who love images. You can create some enticing and attractive images to gain more visitors. These social media tips helps lot in driving more traffic to the site.



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