Correct WordPress Permalink structure For SEO

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What should be the Correct WordPress Permalink Structure For SEO, is one of the important factors in ON Page SEO. Permalink plays important role in overall site ranking, a correct permalink structure will lead to a better page ranking.

But first of all what is a permalink ?

A permalink is the permanent link of pages or blog posts, and it doesn’t change with time unless you want to edit it.
Whenever you post a blog in WordPress, the WordPress creates a default permalink which you can edit it at the time you post the blog. The default permalink structure of WordPress looks like this
This type of default permalink structure is not searched engine friendly. This type of links is difficult to remember for visitors as well as for the crawling robots to crawl.

Correct WordPress Permalink Structure For SEO:

There are so many ways you can create your permalink. Here are some useful link structure based on your requirement

1. If you have a normal blog in your website which has no categories or subpart then you can create a permalink containing the important keywords.

2. If you have multiple categories on your blog then you can mention category in permalink structure but make sure the category name is small.

3. If you have a website related to news or you post blogs related to some current affairs than you need to have a three-digit unique ID which will helpful for you to manage all your similar topic blogs. It looks like this /%postname%-%post_id%/

Matt Cutts has explained about the correct permalink structure for better search results.

Some useful tips for better permalink structure

  • Create simple permalinks
  • Use dashes over underscores
  • Never use STOP WORDS in permalink
  • Use your keyword in your permalink
  • Setup a 301 redirect if you change the permalink of some page
  • Ignore to use dates in permalinks as it becomes less impact full with time


Whenever you set up a new page or a new blog post make sure you create a meaningful permalink with the focused keywords. And never use Stop Words in permalink structure. Keep it small and meaningful for better search results. And also take care of the ON Page Optimization of your site as it is very important to keep performace of site on the higher side.


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