Create WordPress Staging Site to test changes on your live site

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WordPress Staging Site is getting popularity these days. WordPress staging environment is abuzz with lots of pre-trials before actual change in site. Now more WordPress users want to test the change before actually implementing in their live sites.

Those who are beginners must be wondering what we are talking about?

Picture this. You run a successful WordPress site or at least the site which is gradually gaining in ranks and traffic. Now you have started making business out of this site. But you want to develop it further and make some necessary changes. However making the change live can be risky. It carries the risk of your site getting crashed. Well, we agree that being a webmaster, you must have performed many changes in your live WordPress website. And you did it without much harm to your site. But do you realise that if it causes a single crash then you could lose all what you have earned, in seconds.

The traffic you earned and the business you gained are at major risk when we make the changes in live site. So this is where you need a staging WordPress site, which is actually the clone of your site.

What is Staging Site?

A staging site is actually a duplicate or clone of your site. It has the similar functionality as that of your original site. You can make changes in staging site and check for any issues before importing the changes to your live site. This way your visitor will also not get disturbed as you would not have to put your live site in maintenance mode. Staging Site is used to make changes in any element of your site. So while you give a makeover to your site by installing themes, plugins or do some manual changes you can actually see the results in staging site before pushing it to live site.

Advantages @ Staging Site

– You can make changes without putting your site in maintenance mode
– You can check the proper functioning of site after changes so that the changes can be safely transported to the live site.
– The traffic will remain intact and SEO would also remain unaffected.

So the question that next comes to you is how to create a WordPress staging site. Well you have three options here,

– Manually
– Through Web Host
– By Installing Plugins

Let’s understand these ways closely,

Manual creation of Staging Site

I suggest manual creation of staging site should be reserved for professionals. Beginners should refrain from doing it manually. However creating staging site manually is done in 3 steps
– Get a subdomain for your staging site which can be generally
– Using an FTP make sure you copy all the files in your wp-content directory and database
– Now transfer the copied files to the staging site’s wp content’s folder. Better you some wordpress migrate plugin to do so. It will make your transfer easier.

Building Staging Site Through Web Host

Well this is the most suggested step as there are many providers who offer one-click staging facility in their service package. With the help of web host you can create staging site and test themes, plugins and new designs without worrying about the site getting crashed.
Few of the web hosts that provide fully rounded staging environment are WP Engine and Site Ground.
These can provide you the exact copy of your live site with which you can test any changes. While WP Engine provides one staging environment per WodPress install SiteGround gives 2 options for making changes live and also provide simple restore option. Moreover, SiteGround also provides backup for the changes before moving your changes to live site.
Additionally there are much more these web hosts offer in their staging services. It is worth taking for the beginners as well as professionals who work under tight schedules and cannot afford time to create staging site manually.

Creating Hosted Staging Site with a Plugin

This is actually associated with host. If your host does not have one-click staging solutions in its services then you need to install a plugin to get it done.

WP Stagecoach, WP Staging and Duplicator are few of the plugins that offer budget friendly staging options, depending on your requirements. These plugins copy, clone and migrate your live websites to the staging sites without any trouble. Even WP Stagecoach provides password protection of your staging site and easy restoration of all previous configurations.

So guys do play safe and use staging site to play up the changes before actually going ahead with the same in your live websites. Check the above options and opt as per your needs.


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