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So you guys have fully featured smartphones clubbed with the most popular mobile messaging application – WhatsApp… And with this revolutionary mobile app you are having all the fun, sharing good time images, videos and forming your point of views in more ways than ever. Agreed, WhatsApp has not only changed the social messaging scenario but it is certainly going to define the next generation online business, thanks to its fast paced functioning. A rough estimate puts the total number of WhatsApp users to over 600 million across the globe. Another remarkable fact is that use of internet on mobile is quite higher than the fixed internet usage. So it’s high time business platforms across web space should roll over some serious thoughts to integrate their WordPress sites with this wonderful application.
Unlike Twitter and Facebook, WhatsApp unfolds the opportunity for every site to get the maximum access to the end users, in the privately sent message, just like e-mail. The only difference here is that while e-mails hold less chance of being forwarded, WhatsApp messages, especially those shared in groups, stand multiple times better chance to go viral in least possible time.

Support your Site

So you have a beautifully themed WordPress site looking awesome in style and function. You have chosen the highly responsive layout to give it a better viewing experience on every screen size, especially on mobiles and tablets. Even it is giving an ideal signature footprint of your business in the rightly chosen WordPress theme. Still, you are looking forward to add that multiplying effect to the routine traffic you are getting on your site. The reasons are but obvious for every site holder – more traffic means more eyeballs which can further enhance the conversion rate. You might have the routine social sharing buttons like Twitter, Facebook etc to get the desired flow. What may be certainly missing in this area is obviously the most loved mobile application – WhatsApp. The increasing number of smartphone users has made this app a must-have across all your online platforms.

How it works

Picture this. A survey shows more than 90% of mobile internet users socialize online, and the numbers of WhatsApp users are steadily on the rise. So how about integrating this globally popular app to your mobile-friendly WordPress site. Most of the sites have started flashing WhatsApp button along with other social sharing buttons. Suppose an iOS device user lands on an article or product on your site which is integrated with WhatsApp. Then, just by hitting on the WhatsApp button on the concerned page, the content will be sent or shared in real time while the user is still on the page. This in turn doubles up the traffic in the particular bracket of time. If the user shares this in his prospective groups then the hits may shoot to astounding high. So it has gone highly imperative to club this button on your WordPress Site.

Get it here

Well, there are few ways in which you can link your site via this widely used application. With high potential of getting more traffic, WhatsApp button becomes your distinct choice. So how would you get that? Let us assist you with the best way.
Try this.

Through Mobile ShareBar Plugin

This is the WordPress property and you may get this on official site of WordPress – The only catch here is that the mobile user sharing the content of your site through WhatsApp must have iOS device to access it.

Try these simple steps

  1. Download and install the Mobile Share Bar plugin from, and then activate it.
  2. Go to Settings > Mobile ShareBar to configure the share bar plugin - Does your WordPress site have WhatsApp? Get it here
  3. While you go for configuration you also have the option of editing the texts to be shared. You can also automatically shorten the URLs by adding your credentials to it.
  4. Select position to display the button under the “display settings” option. You may choose the top or bottom of your page to flash WhatsApp button as per your convenience. You can also select the specified pages and categories on which the button must show.
  5. Check the options “Display Mobile ShareBar automatically” and “Show Everywhere” under Troubleshooting and other Stuff options.

Finally, save the changes and clear your cache.

Test it yourself

Once the above process is done, visit your website on your iOS mobile device and share the stuff and see it working wonders for you.


Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma is an avid blogger, a dedicated theme enthusiast and demonstrate craze about everything WordPress. He loves to play with the ideas and sports creativity to derive maximum out of WordPress.


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