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Free Social Bookmarking Sites list for valuable links to increase your site’s traffic is the need of the hour! Whether you run a business site, food, eCommerce, blog, portfolio, corporate or consulting sites, you certainly need more traffic to your site! Spending a fortune on the promotion of your website is another thing but the real gain is the traffic you get in the natural course. Social bookmarking sites help a great deal in getting you high on visitors count. It is necessary to catch hold of Do Follow Social bookmarking sites with high PR and post the links of your latest posts, pages on this.

Social Bookmarking Sites list

social bookmarking sites list
For the beginners, let us tell you what are Social Bookmarking Sites.
Social bookmarking simply means posting your links in social sites with little but an appealing description. This prompts the user to click the link and land on the concerned post or page of your website. So social bookmarking sites should be an integral part of your promotional plan which mainly includes boosting the traffic on your site. Some of the popular bookmarking sites with high PR provides you excellent quality backlinks which take your blogs or portfolios for a large number of people.

Benefits of social bookmarking sites

social bookmarking sites list
Social bookmarking sites provide you with few other benefits apart from providing quality backlinks to your blogs and increasing the traffic. It also improvises you page ranks and enhances your site’s position on search engines. You can also treasure the increased and multiplied domain authority of your blog. So by bringing more social bookmarking sites list to your list, you can actually master the art of traffic generation. Also, there is a kind of Search Engine Optimization which works offline. Your post also gets boosted with Offpage SEO when you submit the bookmark content on different social bookmarking sites!

How to make submission on Social Bookmarking Sites?

social bookmarking sites list
First of all, decide what is the catching line of your post or blog? Make an attractive heading and add a link of your post. But be careful while choosing the category! Select the category which best suits your post, otherwise, you will running the risk of getting your post spammed! For example, if you are posting a blog which carries the information about your the new product launch on your site then you should choose eCommerce as your category!

Here we present do follow social bookmarking sites list with high pr to get you going strong and steady in getting quality backlinks
Here are some of the bookmarking sites you must follow:


Last but not the least, whatever you share on these sites your content should be worth and readable. Moreover, it should bring value to your blogs and portfolios. Mind it, readers would certainly want to hit your blogs for the next time provided you have something unique to serve them.

So how these social bookmarking sites list helped you in increasing your visitors’ count? Please let us know in the comment box below.


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