Create Duplicate Copy Of WordPress Pages With These Plugins

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Creating a duplicate copy of a WordPress pages or post is one of the coolest features of WordPress. There are so many reasons why this feature is useful. You can create a duplicate page for testing purpose and work on it without affecting the original page.

Another use of this feature is that if you want to create a page which should be similar to some previous page of the site, you can do it without getting into any kind of designing from scratch. If you have decided to make changes in some blog post and don’t want to mess with the previous page. In this situation, you can take help of various WordPress plugins from which you can create duplicate pages or blog posts in no time.

If you are in the development niche than this functionality is a life saving for you. With this functionality, you can create a duplicate page and start development on it without putting the live site into a trouble. And the uses are never-ending.

How To Create Duplicate WordPress Pages

As there is no inbuilt direct way to duplicate the pages in WordPress, we need to use some awesome plugins for doing this. Here is the list of some plugins by which we can easily make a duplicate copy of WordPress pages or blog posts.

Duplicate Page Plugin

As the name says, this duplicate Page plugin does the exact same job. This free plugin is having 300,000 + downloads and it is quite popular in the WordPress niche. It not only allows you to duplicate the pages but you can also make duplicate copies of the blog post.

Using this plugin is an easy job, after installing the plugin just click on create a new page or you can duplicate any old published page or blog post. And after that, just insert the link of the page which you want to copy, and it’s done.

It is supported on WordPress version 3.3 or above. And it needs minimum requirement of PHP 5 and MySQL 5.

Duplicate Post Plugin

Duplicate Post Plugin is another plugin which is extremely popular and having downloads of more than 2 million. It lets you duplicate any page or post in just one click. You can also create duplicate pages in bulk, just select the pages and click on the Clone button.

It saves all the newly created pages and posts in the draft section of the WordPress dashboard. It also has a feature called template tag, which lets you duplicate any page from the front end by using this template tag.

Duplicate Page and Post Plugin

This is another plugin for duplicating the pages and the blog posts. Its performance is very fast as it lets you clone the pages in few seconds. Apart from cloning the pages and the blog posts, it also helps in creating the clone of a custom post type.
The procedure of using this plugin is very simple as others. After installing the plugin, you just need to hit the clone button and the cloned page will be saved in the draft section.

WP Post Page Clone

WP Post Page Clone Plugin is a cross-browser compatible plugin which lets you clone any page or post in a single click. While creating the clone of the page or post, it also duplicates the setting of the page. After creating the clone pages or posts, you can easily edit them without affecting the original pages.

Page Not Found Error

One of the most common issues in the WordPress is the 404 (Page Not Found) Error. This error is caused when the URL doesn’t have the actual page address and when anyone searches for the URL, 404 page not found message is displayed.

404 error not only degrades the user experience but also adversely affect the site’s ranking. So it is very important to fix as many 404 pages not found error pages as possible to keep site healthy and free from any type of search engine penalty.

This error generally exists in the mod_rewrite in the apache extension. If you have changed the permalink structure to something else than you will definitely be going to face this problem. This is because the permalink is the permanent link structure of any page or blog post. You should change the permalink structure only when it is very important to do so.

When you change the permalink structure of any page then you will lose it’s all social sharing numbers. So it becomes very crucial when you need to change the permalink structure when you are having good social share number.

How To Fix 404 Error!!

For doing this task in a safe and super easy manner, there is also a plugin which will help you in doing this. Redirection is a simple free plugin which lets you manage your 404 error in just one click.

This plugin also maintains a log of all the 404 pages. You just need to check for any 404 page and simply manage its 301 redirect mapping. Not only 301 redirects, this plugin lets you manually add 301, 302, and 307 redirections. It’s very helpful when you are migrating and need to manage bulk pages.


Creating duplicate pages has endless uses which can help in many situations. It helps us in keeping the things properly arranged and safe from any kind of mistakes as we are working on the duplicate pages and not on the original one.

You can make use of these plugins while you are making changes on the live site. There is no need to put your live site on a hold, you can easily make a copy of page and make chamges without even affecting the main site.



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