How To Edit URL Of Already Posted Blog In WordPress

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When it comes to ON Page SEO, it becomes very important to make a easily readable slug for humans as well as for the search engines. When you post a blog its slug or the link gets generated automatically, and if you wish to change that post slug of a published blog then it will show you an error of page not found (404 error). Here is the simple guide how to edit URL of already posted blog in WordPress.

Let’s clear some important points about slug

  • You should keep the slug (blog link) small but meaningful.
  • Never use stop words in slug.
  • Always use your focus keywords in blog slug.
  • Use hyphen ( – ) to separate keywords in slug.
  • Avoid using symbols in slug.

So, for changing the slug of a posted blog we use 301 redirects. By using 301 permanent redirects we can change the address of a already posted blog. This is the safest way to make sure that users and search engines are directed to the correct blog page. The 301 status code shows that a page has permanently moved to a new location. You can set 301 redirects using .htaccess at the server level or if you are using WordPress then there are many WordPress plugins are available to perform redirect 301.

Brief about .htaccess

The .htaccess file is used to make changes in the Apache Web Server. It is used to activate or deactivate the additinal functionality over the web server. This file is very useful in handling the 404 page not found error.
By detecting such pages, with the help of .htaaccess you can use 301 redirect for these 404 links.

It also serves soeme of advance important features like content password protection. It is very useful for protecting your valuable self written content.

How to change the Post URL of the new blog in WordPress:

If you are using WordPress It’s really easy to change the slug of a blog you are going yo post. Below are the steps for changing the default slug of blog:
1. When your new blog is ready, click on edit below button below the title to change the post slug.
2. You can also edit and eliminate the stop words in the blog slug.
3. Always add hyphen (-) between each word.

After clicking on the Edit button, edit the default slug

How to change the Post URL of blog which is already published

By following the same steps we can perform the edit action but it would result in broken post link. Which means, if the search engine has already indexed the old slug then clicking on those links will result in 404 error for broken pages. To overcome this problem, we will use the 301 redirects.

How to setup 301 redirect in WordPress

If you are using WordPress then there are so many plugins to edit URL of already posted blog in WordPress. You can use the free redirection plugin for the 301 redirect setup. And if you are using Yoast SEO premium, it already comes with redirect 301 feature. You can also use any other redirect plugin which are available in both free and premium edition. But make sure that the plugin should be a 301 redirect pluign.

This is the easiest way to edit URL of already posted blog in WordPress with the help of redirect plugins. While editing the old slug just keep in mind one thing that you will lose all social media share numbers after changing the slug because the source link has been updated. But with the help of simple 301 redirects you can do WordPress Custom URL rewrite.


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