5 Effective tips to improve content writing

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Improvising content writing is a constant process. A skilled content writer keeps on improving the style of effective content writing to get the best of SEO. It is not necessary that a well-written content always yield result. But a relevant content with useful information and appropriate use of keywords never fails to deliver on your site rankings and sales.

So whether you are freelance content writer or a pro blogger focusing on producing the best SEO-ready and link-generating content, your content should be neatly build up around the readers psyche.

Here we have used the term ‘readers psyche’ for one big reason. This can be better understood by this simple example.
I have gone through a blog written on SEO tips which focused more on technical information and despite being perfectly written, it fails to strike the right connect with the readers. On the similar subject i.e. on SEO tips, another content writer moved a step further and wrote everything from the scratch. He also took the readers as naive and explained them each and everything in the simplest possible ways. Hence the content developed a better understanding with the reader and helped them in getting to the nerve of the topic.

Clearly, the second one drew much attention of the readers and build up the visitors count. This worked in favor of the site and pushed it up on the ranking chart. As the popularity of the blog grows it starts reflecting in the search engine results.
So let’s get back to our original question – How can we improve our effective content writing in order to reach out to the larger audience and in the process reach out to our business goals?

Guys it is a very basic thing to do, and simple too! But how? Let us sort out the things to create the better content. Here are the simple yet best and effective tips to improve your effective content writing .

1. Analyze your reader

Try and bring your reader’s way of thinking in your content. You need to think from the point of view of the reader while writing the blog. How would any naïve reader hunt for the content on search engines? Understand the type of readers according to the topic you have chosen. For example, if you are writing on a particular fashion trend, analyze the type of fashion freaks you are focusing upon, and then create the content from altogether new aspect. Build a sense of appeal around your subject which directly triggers interest among the readers.

2. Customize your keywords

Here also we will suggest the simple yet effective use of keywords. Avoid using complicated words as any reader would firstly use the simplest words while searching for any information. Here there is one problem which can also be resolved with ease. As more and more content writers are creating blogs on simple words there are chances that there may be resemblance with your articles. Here you need to consciously put keywords and make a perfect balance of it. Don’t overuse the keywords. Make it wherever necessary to make you article look readable and natural.

3. First thing first

Stick to the topic strictly. Do not deviate from your subject in order to give parallel information. Even if you feel the need to include secondary information for better understanding of your subject, ask the readers to allow you to do so, with the promise that you will soon return to the topic in the coming paragraphs. This practice ensures more involvement of your readers into your content.

4. Elaborate and Explain

Whatever you write, explain it fully. Do not stretch your article for the sake of it, but compact it with useful information. Let your readers know what they do not know. Try to elaborate on the matter if you want to prove your point, or if you want to convince them against the existing trend. Be patient and don’t be demanding in your article. Come to your sale appeal gradually before reaching the convincing level in your post. This will drive long-term relationship between you and your followers.

5. Load innovative information for effective content writing

Even if you are writing on the subject which is repeated number of times, try to open your heading and introductory paragraph with a fresh information. Suppose you are writing on Best Premium WordPress Themes try to open your blog with the something trendy or include some fresh new themes of the season. If there is some festival going on, then club the information with it to make your article relevant and readable.

Trust this information helps you in building a great and appealing content for your site. Go ahead. All the best!


Vijay jadon
Vijay is an author, blogger, and WordPress enthusiast who is continuously working in web design and development industry.


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