Effective steps to translate your WordPress theme using qTranslate X

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For all WordPress freaks, who are running their websites with beautiful, highly-featured WordPress themes, taking their online platform beyond the linguistic bar is a dead necessity today, given the world has become a global village now. In order to take your business to new horizon and generate maximum sales through users knowing different languagues, you need to mould your site’s content in such a manner that it could be translated into the desired language at a click of the mouse.

Nearly all the WordPress themes by SketchThemes comes with Translation Ready feature, and it is important to note that the feature is enabled through the qTranslate X plugin – a tool that blends well with WordPress sites and gives out the content’s translation in the desired language. We can translate the site’s content into as many languages as we want to see. Unlimited number of languages can be added to this tool for better user experience. These languages can also be added, modified or deleted.

Though qTranslate X in any WordPress theme is as handy and easy as that, however, there are few steps which should be essentially learnt to make the effective use of your translation ready tool.

SketchThemes provides you a brief account of how to use qTranslate X plugin, an inbuilt feature in all its clean, creative and responsive WordPress themes, for getting your WordPress site translation ready. We have taken our Invert – Responsive MultiPurpose WordPress Theme to make you understand this.

Add qTranslate X

Add qTranslate

As you can see from the reference image above, the first step you need to follow is to add qTranslate X plugin through clicking on the plugins button featured in the dashboard or sidebar of your WordPress. Search for qTranslate X and then click on ‘Install Now’ button as shown in the image.

Install Plugin

Install Plugin

Once you download the plugin, there are few easy steps to follow. Installation of plugin is very easy. Just extract the files. Paste the qTranslate X plugin directory in /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the qTranslate X plugin through the ‘plugins’ tab in WordPress. Once you are done with activation, qTranslate X will start showing on widgets. You have to click on Appearance to find qTranslate X widget. You also have the option to drag it to any other widget areas of your choice.

qTranslate X configuration into Invert – Responsive MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

qTranslate configuration into Invert - Responsive MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

Next comes the important step of configuring qTranslate X into your WordPress Theme. For this, click Settings button given under WordPress dashboard, then opt for languages from WordPress dashboard. This will open another setting window in WordPress. From here you can choose to enable or disable language in which you want to translate. You also have the option of picking up multiple languages. Once the language is enabled, you can see it under general setting button. Go to General Settings and choose your default language, the language in which you want to keep your text in normal position. You can also arrange the languages in the order of priority.

Enable qTranslate X widget for your Theme

Enable qTranslate widget for your Theme

Simply move to widgets section and as mentioned earlier drag and drop the “qTranslate X Language Chooser” to your desired position, preferably in footer or in sidebar area of your WordPress theme. Widgets section can be seen by clicking on Appearance button, as shown in above image. You can also name your widget as per your choice, as by default it shows blank area. Once you add the theme in your footer, it can be seen like this (refer image below)


Adding Content in Multiple Languages

Adding Content in Multiple Languages

First of all, lets try our hand in changing the content of Home page. For this you need to go on Admin panel of your WordPress theme. Put the ISO code of languages, one by one and the language translation in the same text area, as shown in the image above. For example, if you want to translate the service section text at the Home Page of Invert WordPress Theme, just put the code in the text area. The en, de, it, fr ISO codes stands for English, German, Italian & French languages.Before using ISO codes Enable Compatibility Functions first. For this go to WP Dashboard >> Settings >> Languages >> Integration and check to Enable Compatibility Functions.  

You may add ISO codes of other languages too. Again you have to put the code in text area like,

<!–:en–>Your English text.<!–:–>

<!–:de–>Your Deutsch text.<!–:–>

<!–:it–>Your Italiano text.<!–:–>

<!–:fr–>Your Français text.<!–:–>

and in text box like

[:en]English Title[:sv]Swedish Title

The process will enable the user to convert the concerned section text in the desired language when he select the option.


Below here are shown two options – English and Deutsch



Translated in Deutsch


Adding the page in different language


You need to create a new page from page section for adding the page in different languages. Then you have to put the heading in different languages and also there are different tags for every language to write their content. Suppose you want to make a ‘Fullwidth’ page, then you will need to write the name in each text box. Write the text in text area in each tab i.e. different languages tags. After writing the text publish the page.

Adding the post in different language


It works similarly as adding new page. Just add new post from the concerned section. Put the heading in different language and also there are different tag for every language to write their content. Suppose we are adding a post in blog page. Then we have to write the heading in different languages in text box. And write the text in text area in each tab i.e tags. After writing the text publish the post.

Translation of Widget title

In case if you need to translate your widget title, all you have to do is just drag and drop your widget and put the get code in the concerned field.

[:en]English Title[:sv]Swedish Title

So here you see guys, getting your WordPress sites to be seen in various languages can be made easier than ever with optimum use of qTranslate. As far as SketchThemes is concerned, you can easily translate any of our WordPress themes with qTranslator X. Try it for yourself and experience the ease.

You can also opt for Google Language Translation plugin and apply the same process.

Meanwhile, have a look at some of the best WordPress themes and plugins by SketchThemes.


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