Effective ways to Multiply Email subscribers to your site

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Picture this. You have a wonderful WordPress site laced with one of the finest WordPress themes and highly relevant content which is best suited to your tone of business. Your visitors quite liked your site and even got some good help from it. But ironically, they seemed to forget your site’s usefulness and then forget your site forever!!!

This is no surprise but a reality of today’s times when amidst the web of ever expanding internet network, your site appears like a forgetful thing. Under such circumstances there appears a great solution to bring those lost visitors back to your site. Just get on to your E-mail list and multiply your subscribers. But it isn’t easy as it appears! So how would you make your e-mail list bigger so as to multiply your users through email subscription.

Well SketchThemes did some brainstorming over this and come up with the most effective suggestions to strengthen your user base by capturing decent number of Email subscribers. Here’s a low down…

Content is the Key


This is one thing which you cannot ignore in the first place. The content you are serving on your site must have some fresh appeal to it. The content, on whatever genre your site is serving, must be engaging and intriguing enough to prompt the visitors to leave a reply in your comment box. Remember a lackluster content always discourage the visitor to come back to site again, while a refreshing piece remains in the soft memories.

Use Popups Smartly


When you intend to capture e-mails then you have to get rid of the things popping up in the face of your visitors, all at one time. Keep a conscious check on the popups and fly-ins and use only when there is something exciting for the visitors in it. A catchy pop will always earn you an email subscription whereas the disturbing trail of popups will only take the visitors out of your site, perhaps forever. You can always use a floating pop up side-bar but do make sure it does not come in face. Better use the finest WordPress popup plugins to seek subscribers in gentle manner.

Add an Element of Attraction


Coming up with freebies through some contest or offering some special discounts always fetch good number of subscriptions specially on the sites which have low bounce rates. If you give your users the chance or prospect of winning something then subscription comes quite natural. Try to serve variety in your offers, and if possible also include the prizes other than your company’s run of the mill products.

Create a Catchy Landing Page


A finely designed landing page speaks thousand words and stands suffice in itself to draw larger number of people opting in for your newsletters. The landing page should be consciously created with selective use of colors and visuals that interact with the viewers at the first sight… It will be no exaggeration if I tell that the best Landing Page may make your visitors love your site at once.

Good use of social media


While you are busy getting sign-ups through your site, just amplify your endeavour by taking the subscription drive to your social networking pages. You can use bulk mail service providers like MailChimp which allows you to connect your sign up form through your Facebook page. Well Twitter also helps a great deal in getting more number of emails captured on your end.

So here you go guys…deck up your action with the new strategy and get the desired number of E-mail subscription.


Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma is an avid blogger, a dedicated theme enthusiast and demonstrate craze about everything WordPress. He loves to play with the ideas and sports creativity to derive maximum out of WordPress.


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