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To take care of your site’s Search Engine Optimization, you have to maintain each and every aspect of the website. From site’s backlinks audit to image optimization, from content optimization to overall OFF page management. For doing all these things efficiently, you need a robust and efficient tool to manage Search Engine Optimization. Let’s find out some interesting SEMrush features for better optimization.

SEMrush is one of the most useful and famous optimization management tools to manage every aspect of site’s performance. The SEMrush is not only useful for auditing your site’s health, it comes with a lot of creative handy features which will give in-depth comparison among your all competitors strategy. SEMrush offers so many useful features but we sometimes simply skip them. In this blog, we will list out some of the most amazing and useful features of SEMrush.

Interesting SEMrush Features

Keyword magic Tool

The Keyword magic tool helps to analyze the keywords in more in-depth manner. By this tool, you can prepare a separate list of keywords which is very helpful when you have to group the keywords according to their relevancy. It gives various functionalities like keyword difficulty, density, etc. You can also sort keywords by applying numerous filters.

Another interesting feature of this tool is you can also calculate the average difficulty of keywords in a particular list. This feature is very important as you can plan your keyword strategy according to its difficulty. If you are going to prepare a blog post and you have selected some keywords for that blog post. You can calculate the average difficulty of all the keywords by creating a list.

Keyword and Back Links Gap Tool

This is one of a unique tool of SEMrush which gives keyword and backlink comparison between various competitors niche. For using this tool, you need to insert five competitors domain in the search panel. Once you enter the domain names select the type of traffic you want to compare and hit the search button.

This tool is very helpful when you are preparing keyword strategy. It’s a very good idea to compare it with your competitors and have a better idea about the keywords used.

Another part of this tool is the backlink gap tool which does the same functionality but on links. In this tool, you need to enter five domains in the search panel and hit the search button. You can analyze backlinks of your competitors and plan your off page strategy accordingly. When your search is complete you will have a complete list of domains that you have to target to have a better ranking.

SEO Content template

SEO content template lets you create an edge cutting content in short time. In this tool, you just need to enter the keyword which you are going to use in your blog post. This tool gives comparison among top 10 domains for a particular keyword. It gives tons of important information like competitors backlinks, related semantic keywords, readability score and text length of a various blog post.

SEMrush Sensor- Interesting SEMrush Features

This additional tool will give you an idea about the changes that Google keeps on making in its search mechanism. The SEM Sensor rates sensitivity of Google from the scale of 1 (very low) to 10 (very high). It also provides a personal score for your site in which it ranks your site’s keyword and gives a Predicted score. From this tool, you can have an idea about the change in the ranking of a website.

Backlink Audit

SEMrush offers effortless backlink audit within quick time. This tool creates division between the various backlinks i.e toxic, potentially toxic, and non-toxic. It becomes very easy to choose a category on which you want to work. Backlink audit lets you submit all the backlinks to the Google Disavow tool directly from SEMrush.

While auditing the backlinks you can also send link removal request from the dashboard of SEMrush directly. You get a predefined format of link removal request that you can send to the site owners. You can easily schedule the backlink audit as per required. The SEMrush backlink audit also gives various filters for sorting the backlinks.

SEO Ideas

This is one of the most prominent tools of SEMrush. SEO ideas give various ON page SEO ideas for your side from which you can increase sites ranking in a stunning way. By implementing ideas you will see improvement in ranking. It gives various ideas like the content idea, semantic ideas, technical ideas and much more. It gives in-depth improvement suggestions on pages regarding heading tags usage, keyword placement, content readability, etc.

Organic Traffic Insight

This is the feature of Google Analytics in which you can have traffic insight of your site. Organic Traffic insight offers various analytics features like organic sessions, average session time, bounce rate, goal completion, etc. If you just basic Analytics date for your site you can use this feature of SEMrush.

The organic traffic insight of SEMrush is not as accurate as the Google Analytics. But it does it job by giving handy important information which is required to initiate some search engine optimization process.


SEMrush is an amazing tool to get your optimization task done very easily. You can try the free trial version of SEMrush HERE. Try this version of SEmrush before going for an upgrade. You will love the details SEMrush provides for your site. Try these interesting SEMrush features now.



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