How To Fix WordPress Duplicate Content Issue Easily

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Duplicate Content created on-site knowingly or unknowingly affects the site performance. For good search results, it is very important to manage the content optimization. For best search results you should take care of the ON Page Optimization. You can easily fix the WordPress Duplicate Content issue by doing these simple things rather than doing complicated things.

What is WordPress Duplicate Content issue?

The same content which can be accessed by two or more different links is known as the Duplicate content. The problem with the duplicate content is that when Google crawls pages then it becomes confusing which content to crawl. By default Google will crawl only one link because of too many links and the rest of the links will be hidden from the search engine. If there is too much duplicate content on a site, Google will slowly start penalizing that sites and will affect on site’s ranking.

Here is what Duplicate Content links look likes

All these domains will lead to the same content and Google Crawler will get confused from which link the data is to be displayed because all links are redirecting to the same content.

How to Find Duplicate Content In WordPress?

If you are running blog on WordPress then you can easily find out the duplicate content. Just go to the and search your site in this format

See all links and go to the last page and see Show Results with omitted results. You can have a look at which all links Google have indexed from your blog. You can analyze that which links Google should not index. Tags, Categories, Author Archive, Search and so on are some common parts which search engine bots should not index. If you see any of these results, you need to improvise the SEO strategy rather than increasing the duplicate.

And in case if you are showing complete post in Tags & Categories page and keeping your tags and categories as indexed then you are already creating duplicate content.

Things to keep NO INDEX and DO FOLLOW

Category Pages
Archive Files

As in WordPress, you have access to the author archive and archives for previous months. This is a useful feature for you and your readers, but for search engine crawlers these are just another page with similar content. And you should not index it all.

To keep your blog free from duplicate content issue, just remember few tips

  • Keep no follow index for tags, categories pages.
  • Do not index the Archive files on all previous blog posts. (as WordPress index it by default, you can no index it manually)
  • Do not write too much repetitive content in various pages of your blog.
  • If you have changed the blog permalink then use 301 redirect to fix it to maintain your blog performance.
  • Do not give link in the alt tag of image.
  • Use simple and precise permalink structure, it will help to get better search results.


It is better to fix the duplicate content issue before the search engines start penalizing our sites.
By keeping these simple things in mind you can deal with WordPress duplicate content issue easily and in a hassle-free manner. If there are pages which are not of any use, you can block them from crawling by editing the Robots.txt file .


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