Awesome Free WordPress Plugin for Creating E-Commerce site

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Planning to launch an eCommerce site for selling products across all over the world? Which platform to choose for developing an eCommerce website as there are so many different platforms are present to offer a complete eCommerce package.

To choose the best platform for your site may be a tricky task because every eCommerce site requirements are different from others.

Some E-Commerce site sells some physical products and on the other edge, some sell digital stuff like any kind of service or premium software. So, deciding a perfect platform that suits a particular business may be a time-consuming decision.

In this article, we will look at some of the best eCommerce free wordpress plugin available on the Internet.

Best free E-Commerce plugins to use with WordPress


When it comes to eCommerce site development, Woocommerce makes the first position. WooCommerce is a very popular plugin for creating an E-Store. The WooCommerce plugin comes with numerous themes and extensions for handling the eCommerce site.

With this plugin, you can sell both physical as well as the digital products on the site. This feature makes WooCommerce a preferable choice for building an online store.

When you are using this platform you don’t need to manage the stock inventory manually by yourself. Apart from this, WooCommerce plugin comes with an inbuilt payment gateway system. Every popular payment method is ready to use to draw maximum sale.

Woocommerce is easy to use and support friendly platform. It comes with well-detailed documentation to sort every possible doubt. Apart from documentation, you will also get live support feature. The platform needs a Woo-Commerce compatible
theme to get started.


Shopify is a trending eCommerce platform which offers simplicity for developing a site. It is a single stand-alone platform which offers WordPress integration for customizations. The reason behind why this is trending is that you don’t need to take care of major technical stuff.

When you are using Shopify, it will handle the server itself. There is no need to worry about site security updated as Shopify do all these stuff by itself. This service is easy to setup and use, you don’t need to everything by yourself. Shopify offers many services for building an online store which is easy to manage in a hassle-free manner.

Shopify comes with a monthly fees structure. If you want to choose such platform which offers quick setup and easy to use features without getting into plenty of customization than this platform is perfect.

No matter what you are selling, from physical goods to digital services, Shopify handles every business like a pro.

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is a dedicated platform to sell digital stuff over the Internet. It can be easily used with WordPress which lets you do customization to your pixel detail. If you are building your online store for the first time then this platform is just perfect.

This platform comes with numbers of extensions which are very useful for the first time users. You can also choose from a variety of themes for your site to match your business style.

The only limitation of this platform is that, if you want to sell physical goods along with your digital, then it becomes slightly complex to club both things together. But there are many third-party extensions are available which will help to manage both the categories.

Now, it’s up to your choice which platform is perfect for creating your online store. You can choose Woocommerce if you need a fully customizable store with numerous extensions. If simplicity is your requirement, then Shopify is a perfect move. And if you are in the business of providing some online digital products or services than Easy Digital Downloads is the right choice.

Apart from the best eCommerce platform, there are many other requirements which are needed for running the site smoothly and you can make sure everything is perfectly managed and customers are happy with the service you offer.

There are so many plugins which enhance the shopping experience of customers. Like if you are running an offer on some products then you can notify customers about it. If your site has gone under maintenance, then you can use a special maintenance plugin and so many possibilities are there.

Here are utility plugins for giving professional touch to site

Notification Bar

Notification Bar is a plugin for unlimited possibilities. By using this plugin, you can create a bar over the top of the website and on that notification bar, you can display any message with an inbuilt button.

If you are running a special sale on your site, then you can use this notification bar to showcase all special deals. This is not just an ordinary notification plugin, it also comes with a special feature in which you can expand the notification bar for showcasing extra details.

You can download it’s Lite version for free and showcase unlimited offers on it. In the pro version, you get additional features of creating multiple notification bars for getting more work out of it.

WP Maintenance Mode

This is life-saving plugin when your site is in maintenance mode. It’s very annoying when we try to visit a website and nothing shows up there. It not only make visitors check again and again whether the site is live again or not. But it also increases the bounce rate of the site.

To overcome this problem, WP Maintenance Mode is the simple solution. This plugin lets you set a custom maintenance mode page on the website when you are working on the site. It helps a lot in such situations. Once visitors get to know that the site is in the maintenance mode, then they will not get bothered.

You can also set a timer on the maintenance page when will the site go live. This plugin also has the option of email contact form and subscription form. Whenever you make changes in the site, make sure to use this plugin.

Business Opening Hours

Trouble in managing the opening hours of your business website. We know the pain when you are having a different business working hours schedule for different days. For customers, it’s difficult to remember all the timings of the week.

To manage the business timing of your business, Business Opening Hours is the best tool you will ever expect. Its simple to use easy to customize and works efficiently. Its lite version comes with many interesting features like World Time Zone Setting, WordPress Default Weekdays Label, Highlight Current Day and much more. Paid version has tons of features with many customizations.



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