Get Facebook Like Reactions on WordPress sites in simple steps

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All WordPress enthusiasts wanted to have the new Facebook Like Reaction feature on their WordPress sites. What is attracting webmasters towards new Facebook reaction feature is its variety. It allows the users to show their emotions on a particular post in more ways than one. Apart from just Like, it carries few other emoticons like sad, happy, wow, love and angry, which help the visitors to react in a better way.
Though this Facebook reaction cannot be integrated to any WordPress site at the moment, still there is a way to add Facebook Like Reaction to your WordPress posts. Before we tell you how to integrate Facebook Like Reaction to every or selected posts on your WordPress site, we must tell you it’s advantages.
Here are they…
Benefits of Facebook Like Reaction

The idea to have Facebook like reaction button WordPress cropped up from the popularity and ease of expression the feature holds. It creates conducive space for the users to express their reaction in a precise manner. The added emojis certainly prompt the visitors to have their say before they leave the page. This also helps the site owners as they can be able to learn the real reaction of the visitors and work upon improvisation as per the type of feedback received.

So new let’s come down to our business. How to integrate Facebook like Reaction with WordPress site?

Well it’s as simple as that! You will just require to install a plugin called DW Reaction and it’s done. This plugin is simply inspired by Facebook Reactions which lets WordPress users to put similar appearing reaction button after their posts. DW Reaction is very simple to install and use plugin. It also gives fabulous user feedback experience. It also supports PHP function and short code which gives you clear picture of how many kinds of reactions you have fetched for particular post on your WordPress site.

DW Reactions Pro

You can either directly download DW Reactions Plugin from WordPress.Org or and install it from the dashboard of your WordPress.
The steps to install and activate DW Reactions Plugin are as follows

1. Visit to WordPress dashboard and find Plugins.
2. Click Plugins and then Click Add New.
3. On the new page you will find search box in which you need to type DW Reactions.
4. After locating DW Reactions just click install and then activate it.
5. Now you need to configure the plugin. For this just go to setting and click on Reactions. Now check box to show reactions button and show reactions           count for automatically adding this button on all your posts and pages.
6. You can also choose the pages and position of the button as per your choice. You just need to uncheck the options in the automatic display section given       on the settings page. After that you can use reaction shortcode to select the pages your want the reactions on.
7. This plugin has default setting that allows only registered users to post their say. But this can be changed by simply unchecking on the box “Users must         be registered and logged in to add reaction”.

DW Reactions

So this is as simple as that. Trust you would find it very useful


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