How To Get Quality Backlinks To Your Website Easily

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Backlinks are one of the most important factors which decide the overall performance of the site. To get quality backlinks from good sites is the most difficult task. And as the backlinks are concerned quality matters the most rather than the quantity. There are many ways to get quality backlinks to your site but there is no short trick to do it. Have a look how to get quality backlinks to the website easily.

How To Get Quality Backlinks To Website??

1. Commenting on Good Established Sites

This is one of the most effective and easy answers to How To Get Quality Backlinks. Try to comment some quality material on web-site’s comment section. Many websites have a dedicated section for their top commentators. Once you manage to get into the top commentator list, you will naturally start getting backlinks from various websites.

Another way of doing this is taking help of WordPress plugin called recent commentator widget by which you can focus on commenting and it will give backlink to a recent commentator.

While commenting do remember one thing that not to post anything spam or promotional otherwise the chances are the website administrator may block your access permanently and you will lose all reputation of your website.

2. Create informative and useful striking content

This is not a hidden fact that Content is the Most Important Aspect of any site. Giving quality content to your visitors and regular readers is always a good policy to generate fair organic traffic.
But creating a compelling quality content is not an easy task as it requires good research and an excellent way of presenting the content to your readers.
Here are some tips to write good quality content

  • Before writing anything, always search about the topic, as it will be helpful to write more efficiently
  • Once you search about the topic well, start working on its important keywords that you are going to use in the content
  • After finalizing the keyword, start working on the core content and keep track on the keyword density
  • Keep your blog simple to read, do use proper paragraph formatting, highlight important points, and images as required

3. Do Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the most used methods to get quality backlinks from good valuable sites. But guest posting is not as easy as it sounds, you have to follow all rules and proper predefined format to publish your blog on their website.
Every website has its own rules and format for Guest Posting.

Here is the list of list of niche guest posting sites

1. Content Marketing Institute

2. HubSpot

3. Kissmetrics

4. Moz Blog

And there are many guest posting websites, find out specific websites of your favourite writing domain and try to submit your article.

4. Participate in various webmaster forums

Register and participate in various webmaster forums to get quality backlinks by proving relevant and important information in the webmaster forums. This is one of the important platforms to get quality backlinks. Keep few things in mind:

  • Do not try to promote your blog in forums
  • Do not post spam links in the forum
  • Provide useful information

5. Use Quality Infographic

Infographic images are most preferable for quick information without going through the whole content. Although making an Infographic is a time-confusing and super creative task. But if you can create an Infographic it is a very good way to get quality backlinks. Because a high-quality informative image is always preferred to get quick information.


Getting quality backlinks is not limited to above-mentioned ways, there are many ways to do this. But remember one thing that never makes a mistake of buying spam backlinks. Search Engine Algorithms are very smart to detect all the futile spam links and it will adversely affect site ranking and reputation. Choose a correct way to get some quality backlinks to your website.

Earning backlinks is an ongoing process that takes time to acquire. Consistency is the best thing which will lead to good quality backlinks. The higher quality content you develop, the higher are the chances of getting good quality backlinks.



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