Stay away from Google Penalties for Over Optimization

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To achieve higher ranking in the search engines we often perform SEO techniques on our website. To achieve #1 Rank between the similar niche, sometimes we forgot about the Guide Lines by search engines for a healthy search engine optimization strategy. This “over optimization” leads to Google penalties on the website which adversely affect sites ranking.

Search Engines have defined some guidelines for search engine optimization in a very easy way. In this post, we will get to know what not to do to stay away from the search engine penalties and have decent performance over the web without using any Black Hat strategy.

Sometimes We unintentionally optimize our website in such a way that violates the search engine guidelines and may lead to some kind of penalty.

What are the different types of Google penalties?

Whenever some site misleads the search engine guidelines, Google takes the responsibility to take that site down. Google impose manual actions commonly known as the Google Penalties. There are many types of penalties which Google applies to sites for violating certain guidelines.

No matter which penalty Google imposes on site, the ultimate result is a loss in rankings and in organic traffic. Here are types Google Penalties:

1. Major and pure Spam Problems
When a site owner receives this action from the search engine, this means the site is having totally spam or no to little valuable content on site. This is one of the serious problems which a site owner will encounter.

When major and pure spam is reported on the site, the chances are the site is completely gone from the organic traffic and SERP. As we all know that the content plays a significant role for any site. And if the content is not proper, the site has to face manual actions.

2. Spam Problems
The spam problem penalty is applied to the site if it is having spam content or thin content. When Google hits some website with this penalty, only a part of the website got affected rather than the entire site.

If a site has too many doorway pages (low-quality pages which don’t provide any immediate information and redirects the reader to some another page or site) then the chances of getting hit by this penalty are way higher.

3. User-Generated Spam
User-generated spam refers to a condition when the site is exploited by black hat technique or by spammers. In this case, Google asks the site owner to get rid of the infected content.

User-generated spam includes spammy or promotional comments, lots of old and irrelevant comments in the forum, very old blog posts which has less and old information and much more.

4. Hacked Content Spam
In this condition, the site is hacked and flooded by spam and malicious content by hackers and spammers. In such situation, Google gives a clue to the site owner from where to start the investigation and start Google penalty recovery.

Google also provides information regarding which type of content to look for and clean to get off the penalty.

5. Unnatural outbound link structure
Selling of links, artificially rotating the links with other sites, creating a loop of links to fool the search engine, all these things comes under the unnatural outbound link structure.

As this problem does not cause any devastating effect on site but to take care of every minute warning from Google is important.

Here are ultimate tips which will protect site from Google penalty

Write content in straightforward way

The content should be reader oriented rather than search engine oriented. That simply means if the content is too hard to understand and it contains a lot of complex words, then it is of no use. Having a niche piece of content with a bunch of complex words may make the content fancy but not user-friendly.

Try to avoid as many as complex words from the article and keep it easy to understand as well as easy to read. Once you develop easy content which is solving some problem, search engine definitely rank higher that content as compared to that fancy complicated content over the web. Here are some tips to write more simplified content:

  • While writing in depth content, maintain proper formatting. Write small yet informative paragraphs
  • Use bullet points to list down important points rather than to write a paragraph about it
  • Maintain proper words in a single line, ideally it should not more than 20 words
  • If you are using some statistics, provide source of that data for more reliability

Don’t overstuff the content with the focused keyword

Its good to have focused keywords related to the content. But sometimes we overuse keywords for better search results. Stuffing too much focus keywords which comes under black hat SEO practice, and affect negatively on the website.

If you want to use the keywords than try to use it naturally. So it means only use keyword where it is naturally needed.

If in a single blog post, a certain keyword strikes too many times, then the search engine treat this practice as a black hat keyword stuffing strategy. No one knows what exact ratio we should use the keyword but use it naturally as needed.

If it is required to use keyword too often then use the LSI Keywords as an alternative to the focus keyword.

Follow these simple tips to gain more benefits even with less keyword placement

  • Try to use keywords in H1, H2 tag to have better search results
  • Along with keyword, use LSI keywords in the content
  • Keep lower ratio of keyword, only use where it naturally needed
  • Use keyword in meta description and Alt tag of image

Even too much interlinking hurts

Interlinking in a blog post helps the reader to know more relevant information about the topic. It also helps search engine to re-crawl the linked pages in a blog post. It indicated a negative message to a search engine that you are trying to manipulate the links on a single website.

If you are linking to some other external sources, then make sure the website is a similar domain and having a higher ranking. Because backlinking to some other website which is having low domain authority will hurt the sites ranking. Only link back to some site which is genuine and related to the topic.

Having too many backlinks is not important, having quality backlinks is important as it the sign of higher authority and trust of the reader. If you are having thousands of backlinks but all are low domain authority then these links are of no use. It Is just a sign of having a bulk of futile websites linking to your site.

Use of Image on website

If someone uses the image in a blog post which belongs to some other website, then the chances of penalty are on higher sides. The reason behind is that all the images which are available have their copyright by some other domains. It is very similar to use the brand logo or brand name which already belongs to someone else.

The very simple solution to this solution is to use royalty free images or use license images. You can visit Freepik to have images with license and you can even edit the images as per the requirement. Using these kinds of images is good for search engines results as they don’t have any copyright.

For best results from the search engine optimization, you should optimize the images. Optimization of images not only includes the Alt tag optimization, it’s much more than that.

Mobile Friendly Website-To Avoid Google Penalties

As the search engines are improvising their crawling strategy they are taking mobile friendliness into consideration. To stay away from Google penalties, your site must be a mobile-friendly website.

It will be helpful for users for better user experience on any device they use. As the Internet is shifting from desktops to mobile devices, so in conclusion, we can’t ignore the importance of mobile compatibility.

To check whether your site is mobile friendly or not, you can easily check it on Google. It also gives page loading issues present on the site. Google mobile friendly page test also gives the detail regarding the pages which are not mobile friendly. So to figure out the pages with issues are easy to find.



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