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28.August.2013| 2 Comments

While the first version of Simple HTML Slider is about to reach 5000 downloads mark(many thanks to you folks), we are happy to inform you that a newer, better and responsive version of SHTML is in the pipeline and is to be released very soon.  The version SHTML 1.0 was released around a year ago and all this while we have been working hard to make it a better and easier plugin. This time around we are ready to present an awesome slider with many many features and yeah, it’s still easy as pie.

SHTML Slider PRO by Sketch Themes from Sketch Themes on Vimeo.

The last version had a few setbacks and we’ve tried our best to overcome them. Navigations, bullets, multiple instances, different transition effects, that’s all what you’ve been expecting and that’s what you’re gonna get, but, with loads of other super-cool features that you didn’t ask but will definitely love. It has a new Lightbox effect, so next time when you wanna watch a video from SHTML slider, instead of sliding away it will pop-out, off the slider, and you can enjoy the video in Lightbox.  With all the customization it is an enormously versatile slider that you can use to showcase testimonials, recent news, notices, posts and tweets, image and video gallery, carousal and of course as a primary slider too.  So hold your breath for this awesome slider, that even your grandmother can use.  Thanks for using SHTML.

 Slide anything you want, use any HTML entity

 Slide anything you want

ShortCode to success

ShortCode to success

Multiple instances on a single page

Multiple instances on a single page

Navigate in style

Navigate in style


2 Comments so far:

  1. eric kindley says:

    I am working on a restaurant web site that has daily specials. And I wondered if your plugin might be able to work on this project. Each day there is a newe secial. They do not change ever, so just need 7 images to rotate according to day. Would your plugin work for this?

    • Ashish Sharma says:

      Hello Eric,
      Pleasant Greetings!

      Experience the Brilliance of SketchThemes!

      Yes, it’s possible with SHTML Slider plugin.

      Do not hesitate to ask further queries.

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