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Your web host plays key role in enhancing your WordPress site’s performance. A perfect web host with best web hosting reviews certainly serves your WordPress site in far better way. When you run a site you have to take care of many things. These mainly include maintaining the speed, memory, processing, optimization, backup and updates for your WordPress site. So you need a best hosting site suitable WordPress web hosting service to look into various areas of your site. This helps the site to grow, flourish and create the desired impact into your business. Besides, it also gives you enough time to focus more on your site’s content and tackle the stiff competition from the counterparts.

So which web hosting service is best for your site?

Let’s face it! The web world is filled with numerous web hosting service providers. If a certain web host works wonders for one site, it may not necessarily result into the same for others. This means a single web host doesn’t fit the requirements of all. So you need to be very careful while choosing the web hosting services for your WordPress site. Choosing the best hosting site for your site may appear as an uphill task but it is not as difficult as it looks.

For example our website SketchThemes has taken inmotion web hosting services as we have got variable traffic. These include visits from clients, customers, affiliates and even first time visitors. Whenever we run an offer on our WordPress Themes or offer special discounts, we need to create more space for the additional traffic. So this web host service gets to the nerve of the situation and resolves the issues.

However we suggest you should first focus on the quantum of your requirement and then pick up the web host services. So choosing a web host largely depends on the need of your website.

There are few factors that you should take into account while choosing web hosting services. These are –


Know the pattern of traffic on your site. How much increase in number of visitors you are expecting in next 3 months. If you are having thin traffic, then you should go for some basic web hosting.

Speed and Optimization

Your site will only make the right impression if it responses quickly to the visitors’ click. The memory (RAM), Processing Power (CPU) and hard disk space (HDD and CDDs) play vital role in getting the desired speed.

Kind of support you need

Identify your support requirement. Analyze how much technical expertise your men have to handle the complications of your site. If you are not tech savvy then you need different kind of web hosting than those who know.

Convenience for Developer

Ease of developing your site counts a lot in smooth functioning of your site. Your site’s developer should work in synchronization with the facilities provided by the web host.

Budget capacity

Price is the biggest concern for many of the startups. Before choosing any suitable plan, your budget also matters. So you need to work out convenience for your pocket also while delivering convenience to your site.

Back Up and Recovery

If your site is hacked or data gets corrupt, your worries will certainly increase. But if your web host has the proper backup and recovery mechanism then you need not to worry much.

Caching of data

This is one such thing that you can either leave it on web hosting service provider or manage it on your end. The accumulated temp files need to be clear cached at regular intervals to keep your site in right speed. Plugins are also available for this.

Regular Updates

Your wordpress themes and plugins would require regular fixes, security checkup and updates. It also needs protection from malwares, threatening virus and similar other unexpected errors.

Types of Web Hosting to Choose

The above factors must have given you the basic idea of your site’s requirement. Based on all the above factors, let’s classify the web hosting services available in the market. This will help you to analyze your wordpress site and choose the right one for you.

1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the service usually preferred by beginners as it is the cheapest among all the hostings. In shared hosting, the server on which your site is loaded is shared by many other sites. However this kind of hosting services is not suitable for those receiving heavy traffic or expecting a heavy rush of traffic in the coming days. Suppose you create some viral content and receive heavy traffic then there are chances that your site may slow down.
This situation often results in server crash. So this kind of hosting is certainly not recommended if you are really looking forward towards the great traffic boost. Even if you choose the shared hosting then look for RAM and CPU instead of getting fooled by the disk space.

2. Virtual Private Server Hosting

Many webmasters who have the knowhow of technical aspects go for this kind of hosting. Virtual Private Server Hosting or VPS Hosting takes care of your future needs while allotting you required amount of disk space, RAM and CPU. VPS hosting only charges for resources you are currently using. This helps in controlling your budget. In VPS, you are authorized to modify the requirements but you should be technically expert in that. So if you are new, forget about this.

3. Dedicated Hosting

In Dedicated Hosting, there is no server sharing or VPS but a complete server is dedicated to your site. It is recommended for those who receive heavy traffic on their site and often gets flooded with offers. The ecommerce site and potential bloggers may prefer Dedicated Hosting but it comes with a price. So go for it only if you receive heavy traffic and your budget allows you to do so. However you have to manage technical aspects on your own.

4. Managed WordPress Hosting

If you are layman and wanted to take your site to new level then you should opt for Managed WordPress Hosting. Everything from bug fixing, data backup and recovery to cache, and from restoration, security to optimization are taken care under Managed WordPress Hosting. This is wonderful for every beginner as they really do not have to dig into any technical trouble and freely work to improvise content for their sites. Good part is that there are many pocket friendly services available for Managed WordPress Hosting.

Web Hosting Sites – Best Hosting Site

Now since you have learnt everything about wordpress hosting let’s take a look at some of the best hosting sites, from which you can pick your choice. Though there can be many sites which can serve to your satisfaction, we are giving our selection of 10 sites for you to go ahead and choose the right host.











We trust this article must have given you enough inputs to decide on the web host. Do let us know…


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