How to get more referral traffic on WordPress site by Pinterest

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What exactly you do to get more referral traffic to your WordPress or any other site? Well the question may drive plenty of answers – sprucing up contents and getting traffic from pay per click ads, or else deriving visitors out of social media networks like Twitter, Facebook or spending money out on other resources to get the desired flow.

The ways are endless but at certain point of time these ways eventually start failing to impress the traffic and you have to try out or add some more meaningful resources to add and retain that heavy traffic to your site. Perhaps what most of us often discard as just another social media sharing tool, has surfaced as the most effective way to generate referral traffic on regular basis. And the prominent among those making a kill is Pinterest – a social media content sharing platform where you can post images, videos and any interesting content just like you do on other social media pages. However, what sets Pinterest apart are the series of latest surveys that put popularity of this tool fair enough to generate three times the total referral traffic received through Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn combined!!!

Surprised!!! Yes, it’s natural to be, but the fact remains that there’s more to it than just this fact – Pinterest is more about images and as we all know a good image makes a better communication with the visitors and keeps them engaged enough to draw referral traffic back to your site.

So how should you put Pinterest to best use so that your business gains more than ever? SketchThemes gives a step by step account of it.

Sign up with business name


Always sign up with Pinterest using your business name. Suppose your name is David and your business is about timber supplier, then you can use ‘David Timber Supplier’ as your profile name. Make the most of it – company logo, description and website URL. Do include a call-to-action such as ‘visit our site for more’. Verify your account so that it appears in search engine results. Also create different boards for different categories on your site. In the board description, you can mention keywords and call-to-action.

Get Pin it Button


The ‘Pin It’ button will let your site visitors add things from your webpage to their Pinterest accounts. When they do, their followers are likely to see your site’s content as well. The Pin It button will serve as a visual reminder, making it easy for visitors to pin images from your site, which will drive referral traffic from their accounts. WordPress users can also use the jQuery Pin It Button for images. The plugin is used by popular sites such as SocialMediaExaminer.

Add Rich Pin to It!


Besides regular pins which carry only visuals, Pinterest introduced rich pins to let certain businesses include more details about pinned images and integrate the Pin It button with mobile applications Regular pins require you to enter the price manually while rich pins give you the option to flash the price along. Another standout feature of rich pins is email notifications when the price drops. This is called the ‘real-time pricing feature’ of rich product pins. So if anyone pins a product from your product page, and a week later you drop the price, that user would get an email notification of the price change.

Attractive visuals for Maximum Engagement


This is perhaps the best thing you can do with Pinterest. Enjoy the liberty of using great images to acquire maximum user engagement that may drive traffic to your site. You can Pin videos directly on Pinterest. Do not forget to use a watermark on your visuals. Club as much pictures as possible to multiply chances of getting more repins.

Make it Eventful

In order to keep your followers glued to your content, you can hold events, particularly contests through which you can engage them by asking questions or comments about your products. You can ask them to list five good products from various categories of your site. This will not only increase the traffic to your site but also multiply the time any user will spend on your site. Create a buzz about your contest by promoting it to your email list, other social networks, and website visitors. Offer an excellent prize. If you don’t have a big enough budget, you can give away discount coupons or merchandise.

Link Pinned Images to Your site


Another wow option you can have with Pinterest is to redirect an image to your site. All you need is to edit the pin and modify its source as you have the liberty to change the source of any pin you have uploaded. So whenever any viewer on Pinterest clicks on the image, they are redirected to your webpage. Also take note of putting your site’s URL in the pin’s description which will also help in attracting traffic from first time Pinterest users, as any naïve person may not click your image twice to get to your site but the URL will lead them to your site in first click itself.

Be consistent with your content


Ofcourse you need to be consistent in making appropriate updations to your Pinterest account if you are looking forward to generate fresh traffic every new day. When you feed regularly, the pins keep on appearing in the feeds of your followers and subsequently reflected in the feeds of their followers and the chain goes on. However if you cannot find time to get it done on regular basis, get your pins scheduled with tools like Tailwind or Viral Woot. Keep a tab on the boards of your followers and repin content which is relevant to your business.

So guys, traffic is the most crucial thing every site longs for, and allowing your content flow freely through Pinterest will certainly generate more users’ interest. Do let me know how Pinterest helped you in boosting referral traffic.

Keep Pinning.


Pallavi Dixit
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