Complete Image Optimization Guide for Driving More traffic

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When doing the Search Engine Optimization for any site we can’t ignore image optimization. There is no doubt in the fact that we learn better from images and videos as compared to grasping from the text.

As we all know the images we use on our website and blogs play a vital role in SEO performance. Doing optimization for images will give a boost in generating more traffic to the site. Images are the website savers. If images are attractive and eye-soothing than the bounce rate can also be lower down.

Image optimization is not only about maintaining the image’s Alt text or title of the image. Optimizing the image has many aspects which give stunning results. In this blog post, we will list down what are the prominent facts.

Image optimization in SEO perfectly for better search results

Don’t use the default name of image

Search Engine Crawlers cannot see what images you are uploading and how good it looks. Search spiders are only able the read the text that is associated with the image. While using images on the blog make sure you rename it which is relevant to the blog post rather than default name of the image.

For example, if the blog post is related to cars than it’s a better idea to rename it with a useful keyword like a supercar, new cars, etc. If the image is named like image-1 then the search spiders can not specify the category of the image. For better search results through the image, it is very important to take care of the image title.

The ALT tag of image

Many people just look at the image title and ignore the ALT tag of the image. The ALT tag contains the main text for the search results. Search engine crawlers scan and show results according to the alt tag associated with it. For better search results it is a good idea to use the main keywords in the ALT tag.

By using the main keywords in the ALT tag will help to get more traffic to the site through image optimization. For better search results it is recommended to keep the ALT tag under 140 characters.

We can say that the alt tag defines the purpose of the image to the search bots. So for stunning search results do use your well researched proper keywords in the ALT attribute of the image. As search engines can’t see the image i.e how bad or how perfectly the image is created. Search engines only able to scan the alt tag to show relevant results to users.

Give a proper title tag to every image you use for your blogs. This is because title tag provide the tool tip text when some one hovers over the image.

Image size matters

Nobody likes slow loading websites. And the major factor for slow loading site is the images of greater sizes. If the site will load slowly it will not only annoy the visitors but also increase the bounce rate of the site. Increased bounce rate affects the ranking of the site which ultimately affects the site ranking.

It is recommended to use compressed images for a website that will make the site to load faster. For image compressions their are so many tools like Smush and Short pixels available which will make your work much easier. Just make sure one thing about the image compression that you don’t trade off with the image quality. Instead of compressing images manually, do it with the help of some tool. Using a tool for compression will save time and give perfect desired quality.

Number of images

This factor also plays a major role in site’s load time. If some site is having too many images then it will definitely slow down overall load time. Don’t put too many images on a single page as it will consider under the black hat SEO practices. Only use a required number of images on a page to maintain a good image to text ratio.

Always use quality images rather than using tons of low-quality images for sake of extra ALT tag. Using too many low-quality images will lead to degrading in the search engine ranking. Always use limited high-quality optimized images for getting maximum benefits from image SEO.

As after the latest update in the search engine, factors like site load time, quality of the image, in depth content and all such things plays a major role in site’s ranking. It has become very important to maintain a good balance of quality images and in-depth content.

Always use original images

Originality matters the most in search engine ranking factor. It is very important to use an original self-designed image instead of copying from the Internet. It is very good idea to download high quality copyright free images from websites like freepik. When we use images that are already present on Internet, then it becomes a problem because the images have copyright of their respective owners.

For better results of optimization design your own images which are related to the blog you are posting. Another option is to download royalty free images for your site.

Image sharing

For proper image sharing use sites like stumble upon, Pinterest, Tumbler, etc. By sharing images on such sites make your images go viral which will get tons of traffic to your site. Keep sharing images on social media because maximum share it will get, the maximum traffic. Give sharing buttons on the blog post so that the readers can easily share the article and images easily.

Apart from On Page optimization the Off Page management is also very prominent part of the Search Engine Optimization. For more traffic submit your article at niche sharing sites. By submitting your articles on such sites will get you quality backlinks which will help in long-term.

Use Pinterest for easy photo sharing

By submitting images on photo sharing site like pinterest will give the image a bigger platform. People can easily share, re-pin, or save images from Pinterest directly. Simply create an account on Pinterest, regularly share images on site and increase traffic. You can create a board on Pinterest for your blog on which you can pin all your images.

Use creative and related images

We all know that images are stars of the blog sky. But there is no sense in using hetro-topic images. Like if we are creating a blog post on how to bake a cake than their is no sense in using an image of cars and bikes. But you can use creative Gifs to bind users attention with your article.


In conclusion, we can say that a simple looking image can bring a lot of traffic. Although there are so many ranking factors for site image optimization plays a major role in it. Try above-listed method for properly optimizing the images.



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