How To Increase Domain Authority Step By Step

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Domain Authority (DA) is one of the most significant and important parameters which plays major role in online reputation of any site. Domain Authority is an important chunk of the ranking matrix which decides how well your site will perform in search results.

It’s not a hidden fact from anyone that having a higher domain authority is really important in this competitive and changing SEO world. You can easily increase domain authority by following simple tips. As this will not happen overnight but will happen eventually step by step.

In this blog, we will find out how to increase DA and what are the niche SEO tools available to increase your site ranking. Before starting here is brief information about the Domain Authority:

Domain Authority is a metric which comprises around 40 different factors which defines how relevant a domain is to a specific area of interest. This metric is developed by Moz which rates a site’s domain authority by giving a score from the scale of 1 to 100, higher the number higher the domain authority. As Domain Authority measures score of a complete site, Page Authority measures the score of a single page.

How Moz calculates Domain Authority of a site?

Listing all 40 factors would be a tedious task, but here are following key factors which dominate the authority factor the most, on which a site’s authority revolves as per Moz:

Linking to the Root Domain
How many unique external links are linked to a website’s root domain matters the most in the authority factor. For example, if a site has 10 links from the other site, then the site has only 1 unique link. So the quality of an external link is important rather than the quantity of the links.

Quality of Content
Without any second opinion, this was, this is and this will be the most significant secret sauce any website is required to get a higher rank and better authority over the Internet.

Quality content solves the real genuine problem which users are searching online. This is the reason why long-form content is more preferred because they tend to cover a topic to a much deeper extent and offers more information.

The Social Signals
The search engines take social signals seriously(genuine social signals). If a piece of copy is being shared on social media for say 500 times, then that content must be having some real deal, Right?

Overall SEO
Yes, SEO is not dead yet!! For ranking well, a site must be properly optimized. From the site’s overall design to content, from site speed to errors, a lot of things comes under the search engine optimization which plays a significant role in the site’s overall authority.

You can check your site DA by Moz Explorer. By checking your and your competitor’s DA you can easily plan your SEO strategy according to that and figure for which page and keyword your competitor is ranking higher.

Once you figure out your domain authority and page authority you can easily increase your Domain Authority score by simple SEO tips and by using SEO tools listed on this blog. Here is the chart from SEO Siren which shows the core components of DA:
increase domain authority

How To Increase Domain Authority?

1. Try to get more quality links

Having a niche list of quality backlinks plays a significant role in increasing site’s ranking. Having a single good quality backlink is much better than thousands of low-quality backlinks. You should always try to get quality backlinks to your site. There are so many ways to get quality backlinks.

Have a quick look how you can get quality backlinks to your site just by following simple steps. It’s not an overnight process that you will instantly get quality backlinks, but once you starting working on it, then it will definitely going to increase your site traffic.

On the other hand, it is also important to remove the toxic links on regular basis. As the good links make our site’s ranking go higher. In contrast, toxic links hurt our site in a brutal manner. So it’s a key part of SEO to clean up the toxic links regularly.

If there are so many spammy toxic links hanging on your site then there is a strong possibility to get hit by a penalty. So it’s a safe approach to clean toxic links regularly, it will surely give your site an edge over the competition.

2. Do internal linking in every blog

It’s a very good and powerful idea to keep your old blog post crawled with the help of your latest post. When you link some of your relevant old blog posts to the new one, then the search engines will also crawl the old post. By doing this you can simply start a rotation of crawling all post which will ultimately increase traffic.

By interlinking, your own post with each other will help to increase your Domain authority. This is a smart and less time-consuming approach to increase the traffic as well as the DA.

3. Keeping your site Alive

Keeping your site ALIVE means that, if you want search engines to crawl your website on regular basis. Then you have to keep updating your site regularly. If you run a blog then you should keep posting new blogs. If you have some other website, it’s a very good idea to have a blog section. Having a blog section also benefit your visitors, you can provide useful information which will give solutions to your visitor’s problem.

The advantage of having a blog section on your site that, the search engine will crawl your site more often. When you start updating content on your site regularly, DA of your site will definitely increase.

4. Keep track of your link profile

It’s very important to keep track of your link profile on a regular basis. There may be so many low-quality websites that have linked to your site just to have a better ranking. It is recommended to Audit site backlinks on regular basis to eliminate all the low-quality links from your site. SEMRush is a very good tool to manage all your backlinks.

By using SEMRush you can take care of all aspect of SEO and have an in-depth report how your site is performing over the search engine.

5. Performing ON Page SEO

For a good DA, maintaining a proper ON Page SEO audit is very important. Because On-Page SEO is such process which has to be done on a periodic schedule. Link Building is an ongoing process but ON Page SEO is has to conduct on a definite schedule. There are many things that come under On Page SEO, but if you want to quickly round up your ON Page SEO you can simply follow this Check List to have ON Page SEO on a weekly basis.

6. Mobile friendly site

Mobile devices are the new priority of all the search engines. If you want to win the race of domain authority, make sure that your site is mobile friendly. This is because the usage of mobile devices has increased in a lightning way.

Google is planning to focus on mobile devices even more from now. The search engine is planning to launch it’s mobile index first also update. In this algo, the mobile pages will be indexed first after that other pages will get indexed.

You can also check that your site is mobile friendly or not by Google’s mobile friendly test.

By following these simple steps you can easily maintain a higher Domain Authority and Page Authority. Apart from these tips, there are so many tools which will help you in your SEO for better search results.

Here are amazing tools to boost your site’s SEO

1. Semrush

Semrush is an all in one tool for your site SEO. If you want a full SEO Work Station for your site than semrush is the best tool to buy. It is one of the most popular SEO tool available which gives so many features. From checking site health to backlink audit, from keyword analysis to competitors insight it offers all.

Before buying semrush subscription you can also try its trial before paying for all features. With the help of semrush, you can perform a full site audit in a few minutes and analyze the performance of site quickly.

One of the greatest and useful features of SEMrush is the site audit tool. The super easy interface lets you

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast is a widely used tool for SEO. By using Yoast plugin you can easily manage your content optimization. There are many useful features in Yoast which will help you to create a perfect SEO oriented content. You can set your focused keyword and Yoast will suggest optimizing your SEO.

Yoast comes in both free and premium versions, in premium version you can insert multiple focused keywords and it also gives various types of suggestions of interlinking in a single blog. You can download free version of Yoast from HERE.

3. Seo Friendly Images

Images have a major role in driving huge traffic to your site if they are properly optimized. SEO friendly images plugin helps you to optimize your images by properly setting up the alt tag of images. Search Engine Crawlers cannot detect what kind of image this is, crawlers only understand the Alt Tag.

You should always name your images relevant to the blog you are writing with relevant keyword. By proper formatting of the image, you can drive more traffic to your site easily without making any extra effort.

You can try SEO Friendly Images Plugin for free from HERE.

4. Broken Link Checker

Broken Links can cause huge ranking fall for a site. To ensure that your site has no broken link, you should keep checking for the broken links. There are so many plugins available to check broken links of your site. You can easily check and fix broken links and images by a simple plugin.
If you want to change the URL of a blog which is already posted, you can easily do this by using 301 redirect.

Majestic Backlink Management Tool

This tool is also one of the best backlink auditing tools which let to go deep into your site’s link profile. Form this tool, you can easily categorize the links an audit all the links in just a few clicks.

Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate affects the sites ranking and online authority in a great extent. For a greater Domain Authority, the bounce rate must be in a moderate range or minimum.

Higher bounce rate reflects shallow content or irrelevant content with respect to the core topic. The reason for higher bounce rate varies from one site to another site.

By using Google Analytics, you can figure out the pages with higher bounce rate and try to fix them up by analyzing whats going in the wrong direction.

You can figure out from which pages most of your visitors are bouncing out from your site and fix that pages.

To find out the exit pages follow this simple path:

Behavior -> All Pages -> Exit Pages
Once you figure out the exit pages, you can easily plan some pages customization for making them even better for your visitors.


You can easily manage your ON Page SEO which will definitely be going to increase Domain Authority. Just keep few things in mind that never buy links from any source, they will not increase ranking and ultimately harm your site’s ranking. Just follow the above-mentioned steps which will surely increase the performance of your site.

To sum up all these tips, here are some quick tips for increasing the Domain Authority

1.Always stick to creating good quality content.
2.Design your link building strategy carefully.
3.Check for site’s speed and mobile friendliness.
4.Update content on the site regularly.
5.Create more social engagement for social signals.



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