Things To Know About SEO Before You Wish To Top Google Search

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All of us want to see our website on the top of the search results. As some consider it a game of keywords. Others look to improvising other site aspects for yielding good results. While the key lies in knowing the web technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is equally true that this technique is not as simple as it appears. There have been constant researches to decode the trick behind appearing on top of the search engine results. But it still remains a mystery for tech wizards as to why some pages rank better than others in Google, Bing or Yahoo’s search results. Here are some important things to know about SEO.

Search Engines are robots


Knowing SEO in its best form is imperative. It is equally important to understand that keeping any site up in search results is not the work of human. Search result is a robotic task done by crawlers which constantly crawls on the web space. It keep looking for any new thing hitting the internet. But here’s the catch. SEO does not come with every creative innovation in your site. Your page optimizes with the improvisation in your content, which is precisely the text in the context of spiders. These search engines do not have the feeling to recognize the beauty of any site. For these search engine crawlers, text is the only beauty.

You may find it quite peculiar that despite the best visual effects and makeover, your website still lags behind other ordinary sites in page rankings. Why this happens? SketchThemes tries to find the answer.

Tricky keywords not help too much


In order to get to the roots of ranking on search engines, we need to thoroughly understand how these search engines work. First of all we should know that SEO is far from just a tricky play up of most search keywords associated to your site. In fact, it is a gradual process. The keywords you incorporate with a fresh perspective towards improvising your page ranking may certainly yield positive results but you never know when. As far Google is concerned, it sometimes takes months to recognize your update and position your site accordingly.

Be patient with SEO


Suppose you update some content on your site today. There are chances that search engines may not be able to catch it immediately. This is because these search engines despite being self running tools cannot scan entire web space in single attempt. To put it simply, the work you performed on your site to improvise your page visibility may or may not be in spot light immediately by the search engines because these crawlers update their data bank at frequent intervals, say three months or may be more. So you have to be quite patient while optimizing your page.

Tame that crawler


Know that at any given time there are over 20 billion pages in the data bank of search engines. It is a giant store and hence to keep you up in the eyes of search engine is the most challenging yet tricky task. Search Engines are old fashioned which do not recognize any flash movies or frames. If your pages are password-protected, it means it does not exist for search engines. So you make sure your pages are free from such bindings. Search engines recognize the text while crawling and form the data base. When any search is made, these crawlers check for the relevant words in the search list and match that with the title of pages available. Then the most relevant page will be rank up, followed by the other less relevant pages in the order.

Understand the Algorithm- Essential things to know about SEO


Googlebots pay attention to links while Yahoo and Bing yields results based on keywords. Here keywords plays an important role but tagging your page with one or two most popular keywords won’t really give you fruitful results. You need to carefully assign the keywords and expressions to your page as per its contents. For example if your site is about food, then supporting the word with best Chinese food, food culture and like other words would help break free from the pre-formed data base of search engines. Then meta tags are also important to get more close to the search string. So you must remember to adapt these changes at regular time interval in order to get you going up the ranking charts.

Regular Maintenance of your site’s SEO

It’s very important to maintain your site up to date when ON Page and OFF Page SEO is concerned. On Page SEO is such a technique in which you have to maintain the quality of the optimization you perform on your site. And on the other side OFF Page techniques are on going long processes. OFF page SEO needs smart sharing techniques which can helps to root your authority in your niche.


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