Learn How to Install WordPress Theme on WordPress Site in Quick and Easy steps!

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Can you imagine pace of your WordPress site after you Install WordPress Theme in it? We know you all know the power of WordPress themes. Agreed, WordPress is certainly the order of the day, whatever is in your mind! Be it business, fashion, food or any other WooCommerce, WordPress supports every venture with high degree of perfection.

However, installing a WordPress Theme to the site has been the cause of concern for many. How to go about and run a chosen WordPress theme into a site often bothers many, though they desire to have a neat and responsive look for their site. But believe us, it is not too hard nut to crack!
Installing a WordPress Theme to your site will always be easier after you through the following steps.

The best way is to go through the theme documentation, but we understand that most of the theme documentations are so complicated that you can just forget about the simplicity of theme! But here we have for you, one of the simplest and easy to understand theme documentation which will turn your entire process into a child’s play.

1. Initially you have the zip file, placed in a folder. The name of your file may differ based on the name of the theme you have purchased.

2. You need to extract this zip file. If winrar is used, you can extract it by right clicking on the zip file and clicking on “Extract here”

3. Now you have the folder that contains all the necessary files. Double click to open the folder.

4. Here you can see all the files including theme files, demo content, child themes etc. But we are concerned with upload folder as your theme resides inside it.

5. Inside this folder you will see the zip file of the theme, that you need to install on your WordPress site.

6. To install the theme, login to your WordPress dashboard. The link to your WordPress dashboard would be www.your-site.com/wp-admin (replace your-site.com with the domain of your site). Enter username and password, then click login.

7. Click on the ‘Appearance’ tab on the left most sidebar, it is under the posts and comments tab. Then click on ‘Themes’ and then click on ‘Add New’.

8. The second link under the Install themes title says Upload, click on that link.

9. Next click on the choose file (or Browse in Mozilla Firefox) button and select the theme zip file from the step 5 (in this case it would be invert.zip), then just click on the Install Now button.
10. Congratulations your theme has been installed successfully.


Installing child theme (Optional)

Installing child theme is optional but highly recommended step if you are a developer or designer and you are tend to make changes in the core files of theme to customize it according to your need. In short child themes allow you to make changes to the core files and the best part is that those changes will remain even after you have updated the theme. You can follow this article for detailed understanding of child themes.

1. To install child theme, log in to your dashboard, click on Appearance then Themes and then click on Add New
2. Click on Upload
3. Now browse the child theme zip file. This file will be present inside the folder “Child Theme” in the theme package. Click Install Now.
4. Click on Activate
Congratulations!!! With this you have completed installing child theme. Make changes at core level or customizations without bothering about theme updates.


Rahul is a technology writer, focused mostly on free and open source software like WordPress and Linux.


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