How long does Link Building take to affect Site Ranking?

14.October.2016| No Comments

So you tried your best to grab maximum opportunity of building up links back to your blogs and portfolios? You applied every trick in the book and explored every avenue which can possibly lead you notches higher in ranking game. Now you are eager to know the outcome. Like you, all site owners want their hard work to reflect in the form of improvised site (Link building) takes some time to improve your rankings. So how long does it take to take your site ranking high on search engine. Here is the solution. rankings. Well, frankly speaking you rightly deserve that, especially when you constantly apply research and development to your content to get the best SEO experience. But do you observe that your rankings are not affected by your hard work. Instead of going up it appears that your ranking is stuck at similar position. Your wait to see your site up in ranking charts seems to be never ending.

Why does your site not move up in ranking despite your hard efforts to build link?

As a matter of fact we tell you this is certainly not the case. Your link building exercise gradually grows your ranking process. It may be slow but it is steady. And you know that slow and steady wins the race. So your business site too would rank around your expectations.

But how long does link building ideally takes to affect rankings?

Link Building should be the constant process and the amount of time taken in taking your site up on ranking meter depends on how much and how frequently you are posting blogs with backlinks on other resources. A simple formula lies in the fact that more you post, more you gain.

However a telling fact that is noticed on ranking charts that those ranking on first page of SERPs doesn’t show much improvement. It only goes up one spot in 22 weeks. Whereas those on inner pages moves up faster, say it can jump 10 spots up in 22 weeks.

So be assured and keep working on link building. Here we have few suggestions that can be of great help to improve you rankings.
DA is key factor

A higher domain authority always has multiplying effect in taking your site to high rankings. So make sure you have higher DA links.

Plan your link building

Make a strong pitch for your company and give justified and convincing reasons to link your site. One way to get links is to find pages that are listing resources for something that your company provides. Your potential here is going to vary based on what your company does and how well you understand the solutions your business offers and who appreciates them. Allow at least a week to prospect potential sites to reach out to.

Invest in SEO

No matter which way you go, you should always stick to SEO and invest considerably in it. The more you do SEO, the sooner you will see yourself up in ranking chart and cashing on it.

So just give a fresh start to your link building exercise. Here’s wishing you all the best!


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