How To Find Long Tail Keywords With These Amazing Tools!!

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Generating great amount of traffic from right keyword usage and keyword placement is an ART. Lot of research and hard work is required for the research of “Perfect Keyword”. We spend a huge chunk of time in thinking that how to find long tail keywords.

But unless and until if someone is very popular and famous on Internet, it is a very difficult task to seize the position for short and competitive keyword. Rather than trying to seize the position for the short keyword, a long tail keyword can be used for generating sound traffic.

If you research for Long Tail Keywords for your focus short keyword, you will be having better and more powerful keyword phrases for your piece of content. Long Tail Keyword has the capability of generating high traffic having less competition as shown by ahrefs. It’s very important to do long tail keyword research properly.

What are Long Tail Keywords and how to find Long Tail Keywords

The Long Tail Keywords are those keywords which are more specific and extended version of the standard high competitive keyword. Long Tail Keyword have less competitive ratio than the short keyword.

These are the very specific 2-5 words which have the higher probability of an exact match with the user’s search queries. These are the ultra-specific phrases which correlate with users entered words.

Long Tail keywords are more oriented towards business conversion. Which means that these keywords are more likely to use when a user is searching for something that they are willing to buy.

Example of short keyword
how to find long tail keywords

If a user is searching for “Running Shoes”, the possibility is that he is just having an overlook of running shoes but not yet decide which shoes to buy.

Example of Long Tail Keyword
how to find long tail keywords
And when a user searches for “Best Running Shoes Under $ 100” the probability for this search is that the user is going to purchase shoes and looking for best shoes.

We can clearly see the significant difference in the search results between the short and long tail keywords. From above search, we can easily understand that long tail keywords are more business oriented. They are more likely to be searched by the end user. If you want to compete for a specific domain, long tail keywords are the KEY to it.

Here are some examples of long tail keywords

If we continue with the example of shoes, the following could be the example of long tail keywords:

  • Best running shoes under $100
  • Red running shoes under $200
  • New balance running shoes
  • Online shoes for women

And the combinations of the keyword are endless. When you are targeting a particular niche, demographics matter the most. If you are targeting a specific age group say 25-40. Then you will be gathering long tail keywords according to them.

When you are targeting the audience whose age group is between 25-40 regarding shoes then following may be possible scenarios:

  • People of this group may be doing some kind of business or job, so they might not be budget oriented.
  • This age group people may be brand conscious
  • People may be particular regarding not only for size but also for colour and appearance of shoes

So, targetting a particular audience with long keywords is an easy task as compared to try to target them with short keywords.

It’s better to use Long Tail Keyword

It’s always a better and safer approach to do research for a long tail keyword. These keywords are likely to have success ratio with less competition. As per research of SEOMOZ, the Long Tail Keywords have 80 % more success ratio than the short keywords.
how to find long tail keywords

The reason for the success of Long Tail Keyword is simply because they are more user-friendly and look more natural than the specific keywords. When You plan your keyword strategy do remember to use a long tail keyword for better traffic results. Start planning your content smartly and follow search engine guidelines, your blog posts can make a revolution in the content market!!

You might be thinking that dealing with Long Tail Keywords is very tricky and complicated, But it’s not like that. When you know your writing purpose and your reader’s requirement that what your readers want from you, Everything is an easy task then.

Using Long Tail Keyword in a proper way is a little bit tricker task, let’s have a quick look how you can utilize the long tail keywords easily and without overwriting it

1. Define your “Content Prospect”

A long tail keyword is not just enough for a successful piece of content. Before getting into the keyword discovery, you must have a clear point in mind that what is the purpose of my content and how it will be beneficial for my readers.

Once You have figure out your content domain, prospect, who are the readers and the help they are getting from your blog. Then your content is fully ready to rock on the Internet.

2. Do proper research About Long Tail Keywords:

Once you have made the decision about your topic and done a pretty good content research, now it’s time to deal with the important aspect of the blog, the keywords. Many people try to target the high competitive keywords and they end up getting nothing. That’s why a proper planning for a long tail keyword is necessary to get in into search engine’s top results.

For Planning the long tail keywords there are many tools available that we will discuss in the next section of the blog.

3. Make perfect placement of long-tailed keywords:

After making a list of long tail keyword, the most important thing is the keyword placement in the content. Writing a good piece of content is a time-consuming and complex task. For perfect content, there is no shortcut. While writing your content, you should plan how much and where to use your precious keywords. The good content writing skills all reside in this fact that how you manage to use the keywords.

Here are some quick tips where you can place your Long Tail Keyword

  • Use your Long Tail Keyword (LTK) in the title of the blog
  • Try to put the LTK in the h1 tag
  • While writing the first paragraph, do include keywords in it
  • You can use LTK in the meta description of your blog
  • Only use the LTK 4-5 times to maintain healthy keyword placement

Keeping all these simple steps in mind while writing a blog will definitely help to write a good quality content piece. But the question is that how to find long tail keywords.

Here is the list of niche Long Tail Keyword Research tools

One of the most accurate and efficiently powerful tool for researching the keywords is the SEMRUSH. This tool will give you a very good platform to do your keyword report. SemRush allows you to enter up to 100 keywords at a single time.

The feature of analyzing multiple keywords at a single time will give you better comparisons among various keywords and you can choose the best long tail keyword by comparing it’s all factors which are keyword difficulty, search volume, keyword results.

Apart from finding the long tail keywords, SEMrush comes with tons of unique features which will help you lot in managing SEO of your site. If you love to use SEMrush, you should definitely check out some coolest features of SEMrush.
Try these features to use SEMrush in its full productive way possible.

This is the newest keyword research tool. KWFinder offers pretty good keyword research features like finding the long tail keyword along with its details. It allows you to check keyword’s difficulty, volume, the total number of searches and much more interesting utility features.

The very organic tool which is having tremendously huge database is your The auto-suggestion feature of Google can help you lot in the research of your keyword. When you want a long tail keyword related to a specific short keyword.

Just enter the first word and observe the suggestions that Google will give you in the search box. By doing this you can easily have a look at the related keywords and take them for your use. But before using the suggested keyword do check keywords details as mentioned above.

WordTracker Keyword Tool
This is also a popular keyword research tool available which gives you pretty good information about how to find long tail keywords. There are many important features which. WordTracker Keyword Tool offers. Features like keyword competitive details, search details, Keyword Effectiveness Index, it also gives the detail about the keywords which are placed in the anchor tag.

Keyword Tool Dominator
This tool is very similar to the Google search engine. Its interface lets you search for a long tail keyword just by entering the first keyword. Keyword Tool Dominator lets you search keywords in bulk. You can also download the keyword list in .csv format

So, with the help of these tools, you can easily plan your long tail keyword research and perform extremely well on the Internet. You would love to read case studies about how people got a huge improvement in their site’s traffic simply by doing the long tail keyword research. Have a look at more long tail keyword tools for Best SEO Results.

Here are some striking results got by using Long Tail Keyword

1. Tresnic Media increased their website traffic by almost 438% !!!
Its the magic of long tail keywords that how Tresnic Media got a huge bump in their traffic of around 438 % in a just small span of 8 weeks. Which later leads to the huge improvement on 1000 % just by the help of blogging.

They publish around 50 highly valuable blog posts, and on each blog, they use targeting a long-tail search query. Google recognized their hard work and rewarded them with high rankings and improved search traffic.

2. BlogKori Theme is generating 80 % new organic traffic !!!
Owner of BlogKori Theme is proudly sharing the success story how they got 80 % new organic traffic on daily basis. By writing regular blogs with proper keyword research help them to gain huge organic traffic. That was the effect of properly using the long tail keywords on their blog.

3. River Pools and Spas owner generated traffic of 5000+ visitors daily !!!
The owner of River Pools and Spa has gained a serious amount of traffic by writing a blog on topic “problems with fiberglass pools”. Which was a unique problem and the owner of River Pools and Spas has explained about the topic in a descriptive way to help their readers.


In conclusion, you might have got an idea how to find long tail keywords. Once you properly use your long tail keywords, search engines will definitely reward it. Using Long Tail Keywords is not very difficult, you how to find long tail keywords just have to place the keywords in the right position and in the correct density and wait for the magic of keywords.

The reason behind the success of the long tail keywords is the exact match with the user’s search query. As search engines focus more on relevancy of the query and on the search results, it’s important to give more relevant content to users.

Using keywords which are long and makes some sense regarding users search pattern then it makes a perfect match to solve the user’s search query.



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