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Our everyday life is full of events. Whether you are an individual entity or running a company operating in any domain, event is an integral part of your routine operations. With the fast paced turn of events it sometimes gets too difficult to catch hold of the events you should attend or make all your followers or well-wishers to attend your ground or online events. In this ‘eventful’ era, when things appear to be cramping with clutter of events lined up from all the sides, organizing all the events which mark all your significant milestones and memorable days will certainly be a great idea.

However most of the companies often get so occupied in their core affairs that they seldom gets any chance to design and carve their events or even draw big visitors to their proposition unless they hire an event management firm. But this seemingly herculean task can be as quick and easy that it can be done without any outside assistance, and mind it, without even disturbing your company’s routine things. Just making slight changes in your WordPress site can get you remarkable number of visitors to your events.

While WordPress is the buzz in today’s business world, we cannot deny its importance in ruling the roost with the events. SketchThemes tells you how to build your existing site to make it more event=friendly.

Event Description


This is the first step towards developing communication with your target audience. How you describe your events tells a lot about how it is going to fetch in its future course. Everyone wants their events to draw big crowds that can be translated into a big sale for the companies and also bring big name, fame and money to it. The gateway to achieving this success starts from here. However getting a cool event description is a must have, but the key still lies in making it more interactive through a perfect balance of visual and content. The thing is slightly tricky to get but you can adapt to some good WordPress themes like LeadSurf which is beautiful and responsive lead capture cum landing page WordPress theme by SketchThemes. LeadSurf gives you the option of creating attractive and interactive landing page for your event.

Contact Form


Once your visitors get involved in the event, the next step is to translate their interest into getting lead. Here again, themes like LeadSurf provides you a good support on this as it comes with ideal contact form right along with the landing page so that the visitors may find it easier to connect you for the event. The contact form is beautifully clubbed with the countdown timer which makes viewers to develop an instant connect with your upcoming events.

Effective Monitoring


Suppose you are planning a big musical event in an auditorium with fixed seating capacity. Then you have to play up a system that can stop getting event registration once the seats are full. Same is the case with any doctor taking up limited number of patients for some discounted surgery camp. Well, this system can be developed into an already existing site. You can get some plugins to get this done, however this will involve lots of work on your end. Perhaps the best way to do is to get some multi-featured event theme. Themes like LeadSurf can also give this additional feature without too much of customization.



After you are done with getting the leads, your next task will be to develop such a communication system to your site that can remain in constant touch with your guests, customers or clients. Getting a theme which not only provides landing page and lead capture form but also has a great mail delivery system in place, is the best idea to get in sync with the event plan. LeadSurf also has the MailChimp Ready Feature which allows you to send bulk mails to the right people at the right time.

Get the Location Map


Allow your visitors to track down the venue by using some effective location map that gives the convenience of reaching the location through GPRS. This is quite a simple and small feature that can be enabled into any wordpress site, but it yields quite a good number of benefits.

Convenience of ease

A perfect event registration and management system is the one which makes you handle everything from a single dashboard, integrate all of the features together, accept multiple payment methods, include sign up forms that are created from the information about the event, include maps, allow you to manage multiple events at once, and allow you to copy and reuse the event’s information. This will require you good number of plugins which may increase you work. But hold on, keep all your hurdles aside and go for an ideal wordpress theme that gives your company site an edge over the other event management site. And remember, using a wordpress theme like LeadSurf you can get to your work quite comfortably with the system doing effective event management for you.

Event Portfolio and Testimonials


Last but not the least, what and how you have done in the past says a lot about your future. So get some decent event portfolio to you site along with the testimonials of your previous endeavours. Ofcourse, LeadSurf has this feature too where you can not only develop separate sections of previous events but also bring in testimonials quite effectively. Blogs are another way to get in touch with your audience, and LeadSurf proudly provides this too.

So, you need not to worry even if you are not an event planner, and often gets occupied with your own things… get more out of your efforts by adding this event feature to your site. Go for it, Now!


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