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When it comes to complete site optimization, what are the things that are on your top priority? For some, it is the content of the site, for some it the images or for some, it is the high-ranking keywords. Apart from all these things, there is one more thing on which we do not pay that much of attention i.e. Meta Description.

Meta Description contains those 160 explanatory characters which sum up everything that what your blog post or website is all about. Having a compelling description will help to create a killer click-through rate. This is because this is the only thing which has got the superpower to attract visitors to the site.

Creating a super short and descriptive meta description is an art. Those who know this art, they rule on the search engine optimization and makes magic from it.

As we know the limitation with meta descriptions, it becomes mandatory to become “super creative” while writing it. Writing a well descriptive and long-form content is another thing. But to attract readers to open the blog is another thing.

The only thing that will make a reader click on your well-written blog is a stunning eye catching short description. In this blog, we will look at some amazing tips for writing a killer meta description that will definitely help.

Optimize Meta Description Like a Pro

Creativity is the key for getting more attention

Attention Bloggers, here is the right way to write a killer meta description!! This is how you attract your readers. Presenting traditional things in a different and creative way helps a lot. You don’t have to write a piece of content which is an alien invasion that nobody understands. Simply present your content in a different way which will attract more readers to click on it.

After reading this, you might be thinking what magic sauce to put in a simple meta description to make it worth clicking. So here are few tips to make your meta description more attractive:

  • If possible, include some curious information which will make a reader think about it
  • Try to include some numbers like ” 9 things you don’t know about WordPress” and odd number specially
  • Don’t leave your meta description space unused, use it to fill it with good stuff
  • Know the viewable limit of description i.e write a short, curious and attractive description

As your creativity is not limited to anything, it’s seamless. Use your creative ideas to create a killer meta description. Also, do implement above tips to give it a good touch up.

Keywords are our friend

It is very easy to make meta description fully optimized and search engine friendly. If you are writing on some specific topic then do include the focus keyword in it. Including the keyword helps search engine to give more relevant search results as per the search query.

If the focus keyword is not present in the meta description than there are more chances of losing good search position.

Always include your focused keyword in the meta to have a well optimized and well-performing description. For getting more priority from search engine crawlers it is a good deal to include the similar words of the focus keyword. To find similar words for your focus keyword you can take help of LSI Graph.

Technically, the Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords are those similar words to your main keyword which help the search engine to show up more relevant results corresponding to the main search keyword.

When you put the main keywords in the meta description, the users will see the keywords in bold fonts whenever they search for it. This will help readers to click on a more relevant result. So always create a more relevant meta description by using keywords in it.

From above information you can use the focused keywords in:
1. Use your focused keyword in meta description.
2. Try to use keywords in H1 and H2 tag.
3. As much as possible, keep your keyword in the starting of title.
4. Use focused keyword in image’s alt tag.
5. Drop your keyword in the first 150 words.

One important thing to remember in case of the descriptions is that, try to avoid the double quotes in the descriptions. This is because whenever the Google checks the SERP feature, it simply eliminates the double quotes from the content.

Meta Descriptions comes with a limit

As we all know there is limited space available for writing it. So instead of copying 2-3 lines from the article, create a fresh precise content for meta. The advantage of creating a separate content is that you can enhance the On Page score of your site. This is because all these things come under the On Page Optimization, the better you optimize, the best you get.

Writing a precise description let the reader have an idea about the blog post. So keeping it short and stunning helps to get more clicks. Keeping the meta descriptions of short length helps in better presentation i.e if the meta description is too long then it will go out of the visibility and the chances are user may skip it.

With the recent update of Google, now the meta description looks more descriptive and more comprehensive. If a user searches for “how to optimize robots.txt file” then the Google algorithm will try to give as much as possible information to the user in the meta description.

But it is recommended to keep the size of meta only up to 160 characters. If the search engines finds a paragraph which is relevant to the user’s search query, then it will show up that paragraph to the user in the meta description.

We can understand from the latest roll out of Google that the the search engine crawlers looks for more comprehensive and in-depth content which can answer user’s search query in a better way.

So, in conclusion, we can say that utilize the limited space of the meta descriptions to get best results out of it.

Keep it CLEAR !!

This is one of the most important aspects of getting loyal readers. For example, if someone has written in the meta description ” Reduce Bounce Rate in the easiest way” then the article exactly contain some useful information that will help readers to reduce bounce rate.

If whats written in the description doesn’t fulfil whats written inside the article that there are strong chances that the reader will never click again on that site. So keep it SIMPLE and CLEAR.

Create unique meta descriptions for social media

There is no need to say how trending the social media is. So while sharing your article over various social media platforms keep few things in mind. For better results, there is need to optimize the meta description according to them. But there is no need to worry about creating different meta descriptions for various social media platforms.

You can use the WPSSO WordPress Plugin to optimize your meta descriptions according to various social media platforms. This plugin performs very simple but useful thing. It takes the existing meta description and optimizes it according to various platforms. If you want to know how to check the efficiency of a free plugin, here is the complete check list.

If you want to check out that how your meta descriptions will look after publishing the blog post. You can use various SEO plugins for that. For preview of the snippet, you can use plugins like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO

Another Important Tag- Alt Tag

This is an another one of the most important tags for getting supreme Search engine leads towards the site. Alt tag helps search engine to recognize the image you are using on your site.

This is an interesting fact that search engines can’t recognize image i.e no matter how good or how bad the image is looking, if it does not contains the Alt tag attribute in it, search engine can’t reach to it.

So for getting full benefits from the search engine optimization, don’t forget to include the Alt tag in the image. If you are a WordPress user then it’s work in seconds. In WordPress, there is a direct option of Alt tag.

And, if you want to include the Alt tag manually, you can do this very easily in this way:
img src=”image_name.png” alt=”relevant information” in “” brackets.

When you are optimizing the image, the size of image plays a dominant character in getting better search positions. This lighter the size, the faster the loading time. Having lighter sized images helps in reducing the bounce rate.

This is not a hidden fact that if images are of large size, then it will take longer to load and the chances are the visitors may bounce off to some another site, no matter how premium content you were offering.

For reducing the image size their are so many free tools available, you can use any of them to get your work done easily.

Here are few tips for writing good Alt Tag

  • Use keyword in the image alt tag for better SEO results
  • Try to keep the alt description short and to the point
  • Don’t overdo the keywords in the alt tag of image
  • Try to avoid transition words in the alt tag and use specific keyword only


Meta description SEO plays the major role in achieving a higher ranking position in the search engine results. If it is properly optimized it will get more preference from the search engine crawlers. By keeping all the above things in mind, you can create a killer meta description seo snippet.



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