Move from Blogger to WordPress without compromising on rankings?

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Wanna switch from Blogger to WordPress in Quick and Easy steps, and that too without affecting your Google rankings? That sounds cool but equally unusual! However it’s not anymore! With these smooth and simplified steps you really need not to worry for the rankings if you want to import Blogger to WordPress.

Blogger used to be a cool tool for beginners but once you start to feel the popularity of your blog you need full control of your blog. You need give it the layout, appearance, colors and themes of your own to get it customized. And that is certainly not possible in Blogger.

But before we tell you, let us brief you about the significance of shifting from blogspot to wordpress.

WordPress is better than Blogger

There was a time when Blogger was very much in vogue. All the top online bloggers, be it a passionate food lover, fashion freak, travel enthusiast or any other content creator, love to register his or her presence on Blogger. But once they start getting large number of visitors they tend to give it the desired makeover. At this point where you need a self hosted site to monetize your blogs.
With the entry of WordPress, everything changed. WordPress took over every aspect of how content is served online. It created new revolution in content management be it blogs, portfolio, personal CV or the much in trend woocommerce.

Let’s Move…

We understand your concern when you toy with the idea of moving from your well established Blogger and attaining the similar position in WordPress, without having to wait for too long! We understand that you cannot afford to invest the same amount of precious time that you have already spent in taking your brand on Blogger to grand success.
So here we take you to the step by step account of shifting from Blogger to WordPress.
Firstly you may face the confusion of choosing the right WordPress – or However without giving a second thought you should go for Now before you start you need to choose web hosting service which will host your site. This again is not a problem as there are some of the Best Web Hosting companies around the web.
Once you finalize the web host, her begin your steps

1. Export your Blogger post

blogger to wordpress
Just log on to you blogger dashboard and go to Settings >> Other page. Under the ‘Import & back up’ section, you need to ‘Back up Content’ button. This will bring up a popup where you need to click on the ‘Save to your computer’ button. Download your Blogger blog’s backup file to your computer. Your Blogger blog’s content will be downloaded to your computer in an XML file. Now you are ready for the next step.

2. Import Blogger to WordPress

blogger to wordpress
Go to WordPress admin and the click on Tools >> Import. On the Import page, click on Blogger.
blogger to wordpress
Blogger importer under WordPress import tools. Then a pop up will spring up to ask you to install the Blogger to WordPress importer. You need to click on the Insall button. WordPress will now download and install the Blogger Importer plugin for you. Once it is finished installing, you would need to click on the Activate Plugin and Run Importer link to continue.
blogger to wordpress
Then you have to activate and run blogger importer. On the Import Blogger screen, WordPress will ask you to upload the XML file. This is the same file that you have downloaded on your computer. Simply click on the choose file button and upload the XML file you downloaded earlier. Next, click on the Upload file and import button to continue.
blogger to wordpress

3. Upload Blogger export file to WordPress

blogger to wordpressIf your file is small, it’s a no problem but your file size exceeds the limit then you should have to opt for the proper host that can accommodate heavy files. WordPress will now import your blogger posts one by one. When it is finished, you will be asked to assign an author to the imported posts. You can assign your blogger posts to an existing author (you) or create a new author account.
The process will successfully import your Blogger content into WordPress. However, you still need to make sure that you don’t loose any search rankings and that visitors from your old blog easily land to the same content on your new WordPress website.

4. Set Permalinks

Permalinks are actually the URL of pages. WordPress comes with a feature that allows you to set up SEO friendly URL structure. However, since you are importing content from Blogger, you would want your URL structure to be as close to your Blogger URL structure as possible.
To set permalinks, you need to go to Settings » Permalinks screen and choose Month and Name as your permalink structure.
Choosing a permalink structure for your WordPress site

5. Rebuild Redirection

It is the most crucial step when you shift any site. A proper redirection will take your regular visitors to your new site. The important part of redirection is that you want users to land on exactly the same page on the new site which they were trying to access on the old site. Secondly, this also notifies search engines that your old site is moved to a new location. To successfully move from Blogger to WordPress, you need to set up redirection on two levels.

First, you will redirect Blogger visitors to your new WordPress blog. Second, once users reach your WordPress site, you will redirect them to the exact post they were trying to read.

Let’s first set up redirection on the blogger blog. You need to log on to your Blogger account and go to your Blog’s settings and click on Template. On the template page, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Revert to Classic Template link.

Revert to classic template for your Blogger blog

blogger to wordpress
After switching to classic template, you will see ‘Edit Template HTML’ textarea. You need to replace everything in this text area with the following code. Make sure that you replace with your own domain name.

Code below…

blogger to wordpress
Now after finishing this process you just have to save your template, and you have successfully implemented redirection on your Blogger blog.
However, you still need to setup redirection on your WordPress site so that users are redirected to the proper posts.
You need to copy and paste the following code in your WordPress theme’s functions.php file or in a site-specific plugin.
blogger to wordpress

This code above creates a blogger to WordPress 301 redirect which is what you need to ensure best SEO.
Once you have pasted this code, that’s all you need to do for setting up redirection. After this if any visitor turns up to a post on your old Blogger blog he will be redirected to the same post on your new WordPress site. Isn’t that cool.

6. Care for RSS Subscribers

In order to get your RSS subscribers to know about your switch you need to redirect your Blogger feed to your new WordPress site’s feed. You can do this by logging in to your Blogger account and then visit Settings >> Other page under your blog dashboard.
Under the Site Feed section, click on Add link next to Post Feed Redirect URL. Here you can enter your new WordPress site’s feed address.
Usually it is (don’t forget to replace with your own domain name). Redirect blogger feed readers to your WordPress feed

7. Last but not the least – Import Images to WordPress

You get the downloaded images after you transfer from Blogger to WordPress. However the WordPress Importer download all the images but some images often missed to get downloaded. You can find and import these images into WordPress. This will import all images from your blogger into your WordPress Media Library. Once the images are in your WordPress media library, you can easily create image galleries and more.

So these are the simplified steps in which you can neatly shift from Blogger to WordPress while keeping your rankings intact. Isn’t it smart know!


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