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The war for Google ranking is getting tougher by the day as every new site entering the web horizon is crazy after the search engine optimization. In this cut throat competition anything associated with Google should be given high priority, be it the desire to appear among the top Google rankers or the social media platform associated to the world’s biggest search engine. However this is really not the case, when it comes to clinging on the social media network of Google called Google Plus. The situation has worsened with the recent omission of Google Authorship feature from Google Plus.

However, not many know that Google Plus is really worth without this feature even. When it comes to organizing your social media line-up, especially when you are running some or the other website with commercial orientation, Google Plus proves to be a big support. Let me tell you few benefits of Google Plus profile,

A Different Connection


Unlike your other social media profiles like those on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, Google Plus shows your different facet as people here get in touch in a very different way that sounds quite conducive to generate market or referral traffic to your site. So in order to get the maximum clientele to your site, you need to take due interest in your Google Plus Profile Page which is your another prospective business channel. Many of us may take updating Google Plus Profile Page as a sheer time engagement but believe me, it really counts big as you proceed ahead in your market endeavor.

Extended Portfolio


Unlike Facebook or Twitter which shows very little of you in terms of portfolio, Google Plus gives space to tell everything about you, your business, clients, vision etc. Apart from your site, your Google Plus Profile Page can act as an online portfolio where you can and should introduce yourself albeit in brief.

More Optimized Followers


With Google Plus you have the advantage to connect with the top notch websites which are optimized in search engine rankings. As Google lets every top ranker site connect with those having Google Plus profile, it will better your chance to be seen by the prospective investors or potential buyers. Secondly, people with optimized pages tend to have more followers and a greater influence on Google+ than those who don’t.

Now that you have understood the importance of making Google Plus an essential in your social media program, lets understand how to optimize our Google+ Profile Pages.

Smiling you is better than icon


If I ask you what you would like to see in the first place in any person’s social media profile, then your answer will be same – you would like to see the profile image or the appearance of the person. Same holds true when it comes to your Google Plus profile. Get a good smiling picture of you now. Your Profile page on G+ has two areas where you can add pictures – A profile picture and a cover photo. Your cover photo should not be ignored here. Do not get default photo from Google. Instead churn out the best picture of you to add personal touch to your profile page.

Remember it’s ‘About’ your business


Once you are done with pictures, shift your focus towards ‘About’ section and give detailed timing to this section and have free flow. Add Tagline, give an impressive introduction through finest use of contents and whatever special you like to mention. You have this ‘me’ area where you can pitch your position as strong as you wish. It’s all ‘About’ you where you can place and present your business the way you want.

First impression with brilliant Introduction


You do not need to brag too much about you but yes, you need to take this opportunity to tell the world about something special of you. The word you spread should be beneficial not only for your company but for the vast network of prospective clientele as well. Your introduction should always have a universal appeal.

Hard Core Experience


Make your SERPS strong by adding more details to your work section. This section is your work profile in short where you can list your past experience, achievements and strong qualities that your possess. Ensure clarity in mentioning your job profile or the business you do. Try to stick to the points without any exaggeration and make it look professional. Do mention your business details if you own a business or a freelancer operating independently.

Link up your site


This is where you have the fine opportunity to get traffic to your site. Show people more of you by linking your business site, blog or any other online thing you own. You can also link to other sites where your posts have been published and which are further useful for your business and market generation.

Last but not the least! Do not forget to put up your detailed contact information, especially when you are looking up to get leads from Google Plus Profile page.

So guys it’s time to give that decent look to your Google Plus Profile Page and get those extra benefits!

Do tell us how updating Google Plus profile page has helped you…Give your comments here!


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