Must Do’s For A Perfect WordPress Site

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WordPress has certainly become hot new buzzword in the world of websites. While you have many things to boast about the WordPress, there are certain more things that you need to know to better your WordPress experience. Seriously, if you just talk and do not incorporate these simple things into your action, soon your experience will turn sour. SketchThemes has picked up few best do’s for your perfect wordpress site so that you live large and reap rich business or blogging satisfaction out of it.

Here’s a low down on few things to must follow while dealing with WordPress sites.

Avoid Clutter on Side Bar


You should have to take notice of how your side bar appears. Is it overtly stuffed with advertisements, tweet links, social media icons or more unnecessary pictures? This could have certainly defeated the purpose of getting your most valuable link to your visitors. To go easy, better remove all the unwanted stuff and keep widgets in place. You can do this setting in Appearance and Widgets section.

Make Easy Access to Vital Information


Create a dedicated folder to place all your media so that it reaches out effectively to the visitors. Set a keyword to make the search easier. To do so, you need to go to Settings & Media and uncheck the button next to “Organize my uploads into month-and year-based folders.”

Concise those Permalinks


Believe me, going in for too many keywords and long permalinks would not really help you in appearing top in search engines. Instead, a crisp and compact permalink will have more chances of getting ranked. Only thing is that you should know the art of SEO copy writing which is not the rocket science to understand! For example, if you use, then better use Precisely, the second link can yield better results for your site. The key here is to just remove unnecessary words and make some intelligent choice.

Focus on Heading and Descriptions


Those 160 characters that you put along with your title in order to target the desired Google ranking are the most crucial texts which make up mind of visitors to click or not to click on your site-link which surfaced on Google. You can use some good SEO optimization software to sort out the best description and put it across for the viewers to see in Google.

Pictures speak thousand words


You merrily put those beautiful pictures into your site to enhance the visual feel of your text, but you must only use the pictures that best define your article. Use the title tag which perfectly explains about your images. Do not forget to add keywords both in image title and alternate text fields.

Lead with your Landing Page for perfect wordpress site


Your WordPress site should have this landing page template so as to gain maximum concentration of the visitors. There are many beautiful themes like Convac from SketchThemes, Incart and Rational WordPress theme that come with built in landing page. Hence you get free from navigation menu and once your visitor lands on your site they are greeted with soothing white space.

Root in for Footer


Again you can smartly control the bottom area of your WordPress site – the much neglected footer, by opting for good WordPress themes like Rational and Eptima from SketchThemes which comes with widgetized footer. So just don’t ignore this area as people generally scroll down to get into the depth of your site and you will not miss any opportunity to create an everlasting impression on your visitor’s mind.

So go ahead, follow these steps and see you WordPress site working wonders for your business and getting more followers to your blog. Move up and try this for creating a perfect wordpress site.


Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma is an avid blogger, a dedicated theme enthusiast and demonstrate craze about everything WordPress. He loves to play with the ideas and sports creativity to derive maximum out of WordPress.


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