Must have WordPress features to take your Beauty and Spa site to next level!!!

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With the flourishing beauty and spa treatment industry taking hold of world’s business running into billions. The competition has grown essentially tough to survive in the giant beauty industry. The beauty and spa boom is further rock into infinite expansion with the digital medium. That has only made the competition stiffer than ever. For a good business strategy you need a striking WordPress Theme.

Right from international and national beauty chains to the local beauty and fitness facilities, all has affirmed online presence. And, bet you know such centers are mushrooming in every nook and corner around your locality. If you own one such facility or the brand chain, it becomes imperative for you to take a lead in your business.

Apart from having your site integrated with essential features, your online market place should look stunning. Such site which perfectly sync with the tone and theme of your services on offer.

Key points for an edge cutting website using a WordPress Theme

Here are few features that can make your beauty and spa site the most beautiful place to visit and experience the difference.

Appointment Booking System


Avoiding any inconvenience for your customers is important for getting them to visit your beauty and spa center. Given that customers seldom take out their busy time to convert it into their leisure hours. A perfect appointment booking system is required. It ease their way to your center and return with awesome experience. Try InstaAppointment, an appointment booking responsive WordPress theme from SketchThemes.

Apart from booking an appointment for the customers visiting your spa or beauty clinic, has much more enriching features that establishes your site as highly professional and user-friendly.

Sliding Pictures



The first place of your site should have decent and appealing visuals to lend the visitors a subtle feel of your services. This can be done through incorporating revolution slider into your site’s theme which plays up some of the beautiful pictures of your facility. Besides, a parallax and responsive design adds to the wonderful site experience as the visitors scroll down for more. Here again such an effect comes by default in InstaAppointment WordPress theme. Using similar responsive themes in your site gives your beauty and spa services an edge over others as it is beautifully visible across smartphones, tablets or any screen size.

Service Display


With some designated wordpress themes, like InstaAppointment to be precise, you can beautifully display an array of services on offer with catchy icons into it. You can add as many services into this section with convenient use of slider which gives the clutter free view of multiple services being provided at your facility.

Beauty and Blogs…goes hand in hand



While you are doing business with your satisfactory range of services, do not forget to make your site interactive. You come write useful blogs for your existing and potential customers. Well, you need not to go anywhere. Again, InstaAppointment Resposive Appointment Booking WordPress Theme has inbuilt blog section.

Gallery Effect


For Beauty and Spa industry, it is must to have some wonderful set of pictures and videos that define your art. A gallery section distinctly created on your WordPress site. It will certainly provide that value added look to your workmanship. The latest booking WordPress theme InstaAppointment comes loaded with gallery feature in which you can compile a beautiful set of pictures and videos.

Let the query resolved


Like every business site, beauty and spa segment too brings a bundle of queries from the visitors. A dedicated FAQ section enables them to satiate their doubts and resolve their issues. So that they visit your facility with hassle-free minds. A testimonial section will allow a transparent interaction system, as a result it wins trust of more customers. With InstaAppointment, you can think of having this feature too.

SketchThemes has specially created an InstaAppointment Demo for Beauty and Spa site. Check out here and get it now to give that prestigious look to your site. InstaAppointment Beauty Spa Demo

Maintenance while changing the theme

When you decide to change your wordpress theme, their are numerous things to take care. We generally miss out many prominent things to backup that leads to waste of big chunk of time. Here is the complete LIST of things that you must take care of while changing the theme.

So, in conclusion no more waiting … all you beauty entrepreneurs… Get going with InstaAppointment – Responsive Appointment Booking WordPress Theme.


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