Newsletter Plugins For WordPress And Benefits Of Them!!

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It’s very important to reach at right people for promoting or selling a particular product or service. In this dynamic world of Internet where daily more than 2 millions of blog posts are published, it’s become necessary to find a way to reach to right people who are interested in your business.

As there are so many options are available to promote the business like social sharing sites. But the problem is that on these social media there are tons of data available and which is changing every second. In such swift situation, it becomes difficult to attract people to our site to have a look at the product or service and sell to them.

To stand out from the crowd, for attracting the right audience, an out of the box stunning strategy is a must. The hardest part is not getting the audience to the side, but the actual real game is to present such quality work to the visitor such that they will come to the site to check it out regularly.

This is not a hidden fact that a normal Internet user has LOTS OF digital stuff to go through. This is hard to expect from a visitor that they will regularly visit your site by themselves unless the content is exceptionally well. For attracting visitors to the site, we need another way to get to the right audience.

A newsletter is a fantastic way to reach to the visitors. Having a newsletter make a huge difference from the other sites which do not have one. A newsletter or email marketing is the vital part of digital marketing. In which you get the opportunity to showcase your product to the customers in a more personal and systematic manner.

There are numerous uses of a newsletter like

1. It is the ultimate source to connect with people and share your business offers directly.

2. Its convenient for a new visitor to know more about the site. As they have the ease of newsletter subscription for knowing more about your product or services.

3. Unlike social media, the newsletters are simplified. You just need to make the newsletter format once and it will be followed everytime you send a newsletter.

4. By newsletter, you can greet news subscribers with a custom-made newsletter format and make them feel special member.

5. By using analytics you can track the progress of your newsletter, like how many people opened the email, how many people clicked on which links, how many shares you get and much more.

If you do not have a newsletter on your site you can create one in very easy steps with the help of WordPress plugins.

Following are some of the best newsletter plugins you can try them today

E-Mail subscribers and newsletter
This is the free E-Mail subscription plugin from which you can create subscription email box anywhere on the site. It is very simple to use plugin, this comes with two modes of sending the emails. First, it sends a notification to all the subscribers whenever you publish a new blog post. And on the other hand, you can send a fully customized newsletter to all subscribers.

MailSter is a premium WordPress newsletter plugin. It offers various premium features which make this plugin easy to use. It comes with drag and drop functionality, from which you can create your custom email template. It is very easy to manage as you can manage all the newsletters from the WordPress dashboard.

The Newsletter is another free of cost plugin which comes with robust facilities. You just need to send the newsletter and you won’t need to do anything as it comes with tons of options like Tracking the email, drag and drop, customizable subscription widgets, unlimited email subscription with tracking and much more

Although MailChimp is not a plugin, it is a separate service which comes with tons of features. MailChimp gives various options of template creation, custom template tracking and much more. MailChimp comes in both free and paid versions. If you have few subscribers i.e under 2000, then you can use the free version. and if you have huge subscribers list, then you can go for the paid version.


Having a newsletter is a must in this world of content marketing. It will not only help in generating more sales but also in growing network of the right audience. There are so many plugins both free and paid are available. It has become so easy to create one for a website.



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