What Is Off Page Optimization And How To Do IT

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Search Engine Optimization is an essential part that we take care of the most. From choosing a compelling keyword to maintaining site’s performance we do it all for better SEO results. Apart from ON Page SEO, on the other side of SEO is the OFF Page optimization which plays a major role in driving traffic.
It’s very important to plan OFF Page SEO strategy very carefully. OFF Page optimization is not just about building links to the site, it’s much more than that. Most of the people don’t pay deserving attention towards OFF Page SEO.

According to a research only 30 % of people pays more attention to the OFF Page SEO and the rest 70 % get stuck in how to increase traffic just by doing On Page SEO.

What is OFF Page Optimization exactly ?

In simple term, we can call OFF Page Optimization such techniques that can be used to improve the position of a website in the search engine results page (SERPs). It is a process of building a better reputation of the site by promoting the site via various channels. Apart from link building, off page optimization has various aspects to maintain niche performance of site over search engines.

Why it is important ?

For getting more traffic to your site, it’s important to plan its marketing strategy carefully. From proper E-Mail marketing campaign to social bookmarking of your site, all these things play a major role in driving more traffic to the site. By following a proper strategy you can easily get the higher ranking, better search results and built a good position on the Internet. In this article, we will see what are the effective way to do OFF Page SEO that will definitely increase site traffic.

Here are simple steps to perform Off Page Optimization-

1. Link Building

The most discussed and concerned part of OFF Page SEO is the Link Building process. Link Building is a process of getting quality links from niche websites of your domain. Link building is an ongoing process that you have to keep increasing by writing the quality piece of content on your site that will help your readers in solving some problem. There are many ways to get quality backlinks. You can get backlinks by doing:

  • Guest posting
  • By creating informative content
  • Active participation in various forums

For detail step by step guide about backlink building, you can go through how to get quality backlinks. Apart from link building, the internal linking plays a significant role in driving more traffic. It’s a very good idea to link your relevant previous blogs to a new blog, by doing this search engine will also crawl the old blogs which will increase site ranking.

While linking to some external pages do check the site authority because if you link to a website whose domain authority is very low then it will negatively affect site ranking. When you start building quality links then naturally the traffic starts increasing a lot of people will visit your site.

2. Perform basic ON page SEO

In SEO both the ON Page and OFF Page SEO techniques complement each other. If your ON Page SEO is up to date then you have already covered important aspect of search engine optimization. If the On page is not done properly then there is no sense doing the OFF Page because you want to search engine to crawl unmanaged pages of the site.

The ON page SEO should be conducted on a regular basis. It is recommended to check your ON page optimization once in a week that will help to keep your site up to date. By preparing a simple checklist. what to check on a weekly basis will help a lot. Here is the Check List for On Page Optimization that you should perform on weekly basis.

3. A Smart Email Campaign

E-Mail marketing strategy is one of the most important parts of OFF page optimization. This is the ultimate platform to showcase your work to your audience. To drive more traffic you should plan E-mail campaign on regular basis. You should plan your E-Mail campaign if you want:

1. Have a better promotional strategy for your business
2. Have a list of all your valuable customers

Keep your visitors updated about your progress, new products and service with the help of simple yet powerful E-Mail. according to a research, by using E-Mail strategy you can increase your website visiting rate by 39 %. Only one thing that you have to take in the consideration that an end user go through a lot of mails, your have to create am E-Mail in such a way that it will catch readers attention and which is irresistible.

You can also try drip email marketing in which you can send series of e-mails containing series of information related to one topic. By doing drip marketing you can easily deliver large information in systematic and step by step manner.

4. Social bookmarking

It’s always a good idea to share your work in-front of the whole social marketing sites. As their audience is very huge. You can try to post your piece of content at various content sites. Their are many niche websites on that you can share your content. Sites like stumbleupon, tumblr, pintrest, reddit are very popular and trending websites that will help you to grow your social bookmarking.

5. Active participation in problem solving forums

This is one of the best practice to increase traffic to your site. Participate in any forum to solve various queries. Once you build reputation among the forum, you will definitely start getting backlinks to your site. Even some sites have a dedicated column for their top repliers, you can make your place their by giving answers.

6. Article submission sites

High quality piece of content is appreciated everywhere. Start submitting your articles to niche article submission sites to get highlighted in the community. From this you will also start getting backlinks from websites. But submitting as article on a niche website is not an easy task. You need to follow certain guidelines for submitting it. Here is the list of some article submission sites.

7. Document Sharing sites

Their are many document sharing sites on which you can submit your document related to any informative topic. The document can be either in PDF or in PPT format. Document you create must be unique and useful. Their are many sites which allow document submission:


Off Page Optimization is an important aspect to keep your site performance up to the mark. To drive a significant amount of traffic to your site, apart from On Page Optimization the off page optimization planning which includes link building, guest posting, participating in the forums, etc. plays a major role in getting more traffic to your site. Plan your Off-page optimization carefully to get maximum benefits from Search Engine Optimization.



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