Ways to pick right keywords for site’s SEO

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Keywords, as we all know, are the first step to optimize websites on search engines. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. And if some mistake made in this first step is taken wrongly, all our efforts with the content management system (CMS) goes in vain. It becomes very important to pick up the right seo keyword.

Surprisingly keywords are not upto mere juggling over most searched words on web in order to put website up search engines. Keywords craft for SEO thing are literally the artwork of your content management. More beautifully you devise your keywords, more effectively your content will relate for SEO. Being fair and honest enough with the choice of keywords which best define your site or page is the key here.

While selecting keywords for your site or article in order to get it’s place prominently and widely across search engines, you need to take a 360 degree approach right from analyzing the keywords mostly taken for your type of content to checking out the keywords for the competitors dominating the search engine lists.

So how to go about with the fine pick of keywords for your site? SketchThemes helps you find out ways to get you better optimization through selective choice of keywords.

Avoid one word search


Gone are the days when a single keyword put in Google lands the user to your site, just because that one word defined your field. In the times of hugely cluttered web world, setting one word as key to your site will necessarily not work unless it is rare. So try avoiding such setups. Instead choose a group of words that best relate your site.

For example if your site is about recipes, then try putting ‘South Indian Recipes’, ‘Continental mouth-watering recipes’ or ‘Recipes to try at home’ etc. in order to be more specific about your site.

Use Action in Keywords


Remember your site is not a Wikipedia that will yield desired results by just going plain in keywords. For example, if you are running a real estate business, then only ‘low cost apartments’ will not be quite enough. To be more precise, just try this – ‘Buy low cost apartments’ or ‘Sell plots at prominent area’.

Stick to your right seo keyword


Just because certain keywords reap rich prominence for certain sites, it does not necessarily mean the same for you. Try and differentiate the sites and their unique values and then identify your own. Frame keywords on that basis and check those on some website keyword suggestion tool. Pass them through Google keyword suggestion tool to yield the most specific keywords to define your site.

Do not overuse keywords


Stuffing too much of keywords every here and there in your content will do more harm than good. Sometimes Google may penalize you for that and downgrade your site ranking, if its crawler finds too excessive use of keywords, just to remain at the forefront of every search made through the concerned keywords. Limit your right seo keyword to 5 or 10 depending upon the length of your blog, article or promotional feature.

Using the keywords in heading tags also helps to improve the search results. Heading tags like H1 and H2 helps to gain some SEO benefits. If you properly place keywords in these heading tags, you can easily boost search engine performance for your site.

Refine URL, Filenames, Page-Titles


It is often considered as the best if the domain name of your site carries the keywords about your site. Suppose you have same number of keywords in your text as other sites have used in their respective contents. Then having same words in your URL will be an added advantage. So it is imperative to have keywords-equipped domain name, but do not go crazy after that.

Next comes the task of naming your files and directories. File names too should have action words like the one used in https://cook-recipe.com/rava-idli.html. If it could have been https://recipe.com/cooking-recipe.html then this would not be actually specifying your page. You can take further liberty in page titles by adding something more to it like ‘Cook Rava Idli – Be Kitchen Queen’.

Support multiple headings with keywords


You might find the flat content convenient to place in your site but it may be a letdown when it comes to SEO. So use appropriate headings in a single article that define your paragraph well. This will credibly helps in optimizing your search results. But remember your sub-heads should not be more than 7 words, exceeding which may complicate your page position in search engines.

So here you go guys. Apply this simple mechanism for selecting right SEO keyword to your site and see the change in the search results.


Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma is an avid blogger, a dedicated theme enthusiast and demonstrate craze about everything WordPress. He loves to play with the ideas and sports creativity to derive maximum out of WordPress.


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