Prepare for these SEO trends in 2017

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SEO Trend in 2017 is going to be little different. SEO in 2017 will mark the new revolution. So now it is imperative to know the Top SEO trends for 2017.

SEO is the buzzword for every business without which no venture manages to survive. So search engine optimization is the matter of constant research and development for every business, online or offline. As the year 2016 is drawing towards an end, the developers, content writers, site owners, bloggers and online business promoters must be ready to tackle the long game of SEO in 2017. With the emerging trend, there are some fine points which needs to be focussed upon to run smooth on SEO turf in 2017.

So lets get down some of the top SEO Trends to follow in 2017,

1. Direct Answers

You must have noticed whenever you type for any search in Google you get a primary box with some content which seeks to answer your question in crisp and easy manner. Those are direct answers, also called as structured data mark up or schema markup. So you need to add more direct answers to the type of products your site has. The trend of rich and structured answers has increased during the last 3 years and it will only go up in 2017.

2. Read User’s Pysche

Understand the psyche of the users and analyse what exactly he would want to type when it comes to searching your kind products. For example your prospective want to search for wonderful restaurant wordpress themes for startup companies. Then try to catch the intent of the user and centre your keywords around that intent. You should observe the thinking pattern of the searcher and develop your content accordingly. Of course, keywords are fine but you need to think beyond keywords. This way you can enhance your site content to better your SEO strategy.

3. Integrate Marketing Channels

You must have been following multi-channel marketing which simply means taking your products, services and projects on different platforms. Going further, in 2017 you just have to integrate all these channels for Cross Channel Marketing in which you can exploit the resources in a better way. Let me explain how this helps. Suppose your visitor sees your product on social platform or app, then you can catch them with your ads on email or their social network through cross channel marketing.

4. Enhance Mobile Experience

The rate at which the smartphone users are increasing will certainly redefine SEO in 2017. It will not be an exaggeration if I say that 2017 would be the year of mobile technology for SEO. So its high time you should start working on giving the best mobile site experience to your visitors. Maximum searches would be made through mobile phones in 2017. Mark it as must for your SEO strategy in 2017.

5. Voice Search Activation – prepare seo trends

One of the top emerging trends in searches are increasing use of voice search. With the rate of error in voice recognition going down, voice searches will be trending high in 2017. So a simplified data should also be voice search friendly. This takes your site up in Google search engine ranking pages. Take the note of this.

So guys, the year 2017 is certainly going to bring some cheerful revolution in SEO trends. Trust you would be ready to face the SEO challenge in 2017. Let us know your view.


Vijay jadon
Vijay is an author, blogger, and WordPress enthusiast who is continuously working in web design and development industry.


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