Use Amazing Web Push Notification Services To Boost Traffic

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A normal user who is active on the Internet is subscribed to numerous blogs and forums. A reader doesn’t even check his/ her all emails which are not important to them. So it is clear from that point that just publishing the blog and expecting that a user will regularly visit the website to check the blog is a big blunder.

Push Notifications are the new way of interaction and push notification services are new services that you must have.

Taking care of this thing is very important for getting traffic constantly from your valuable visitors. At this moment of time when a user is not even having sufficient time to check emails, something must be done to keep reminding the readers that you have come up with a new piece of content.

Email Marketing is proficient at some scenarios when you are not worried about the time sensitiveness of the product or the content. Even if the user opens that email after 2 or 3 days it’s not a big problem for you. But when it comes to blogs which are updated often frequently, In such case you need something really fast i.e Web Push Notification Services.

In this blog, we will know some cool uses of web push notification services that will make you use this awesome service.

Here are key benefits of Web Push Notification Services

It’s faster than anything

For you, if speed is everything that you need, this service is life-saving for you. If you are using web push notification service, you can ensure that your message is delivered to your valuable subscribers within seconds. When you compare it with the speed of email then it is very faster than that.

Fast service comes with many advantages like you can be sure that your readers have received your message and will soon act on it. When this is compared to an email it is not possible that a user will immediately read the email and rush your website to read the freshly created content.

It helps to drive traffic to your site in a much better and in real-time. Having higher real-time traffic boosts site search engine performance results in a better ranking position.

It will save your lot of time

Once you set up the push notification for your site, then you don’t need to manage anything, it will send the push notification in real time to all your audience. Push notifications are very handy when you are about to start some live video. You can send an invitation to all your subscribers that you are going live. In such way, you can have maximum traffic to your site.

It also saves huge time when you are doing some promotion of your site. Apart from sending an email which will take a while to reach the intended audience, you can also send a push regarding that product. It will help you giving a boost to your overall promotion.

Highly Customizable

This is the most interesting and useful feature of the Push Notification services. It lets you customize each and everything about the push you are about the send. You can change the way how the Push Notification will look, with what content a user will interact. and much more.

As compared to a promotional email, there are chances that a user may skip some content of email as email is generally of long-form content. In this situation, a Push Notification wins the race. You can create a classy call to action content for the push notification. As the content on the push is limited, the chances are user will read it and click on it to know more about it.

If a user has just subscribed to the push notification of your site, you can greet them with a custom push message. You can also send them your latest content of your blog.

Advantage: You can create a compelling engaging content which will make users click on it to visit your site.

Keep the traffic coming

It is very difficult to manage to get high traffic on regular basis. But the Web Notification Services helps to constantly manage to get high traffic by sending real-time data to the users. It works in the same way as our alarm clock does. It frequently reminds readers about the new content you just published. When you send the data in real time, there are much better chances of user engagement.

According to Localytics Push Notifications boost engagement by 88%

See!! the converting rate of a push notification is as higher as 88 % as compared to the emails that we get into out inbox daily. The reason behind the high success ratio is very simple – It is interactive and short to read. Nobody loves to read long email even it contains some important information. So, create a compelling call to action content and send it to all your subscribers to gain more traffic from your subscribers.

In conclusion, we agree that for driving great traffic to the site we need this edge cutting interactive service. So you might be thinking about getting one for your site Right?? Here are the best push notification services available for your site:

PushmeshPushmesh is one of the robust Push Notification Service available right out there. It offers tons of features like sending a welcome custom message to new subscribers, custom time setting for sending the notification, offline notifications and many useful features.
As for first 2000 subscribers, it is totally free and when you reach the limit you can take any flexible plan which suits your site best.

It is another useful Push Notification Service which offers this amazing service. PushEngage also gives features like creating custom messages for new subscribers, offline notification. It offers free service up to first 120 notifications. After that, you can choose any plan which suites best for your requirements.



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