SEO Tricks While Creating New Website For Best Results

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Search Engine Optimization is the most vital activity for driving organic traffic to a site. As it is a slow and steady process, you simply can’t expect hard and fast results. But when SEO is properly set up for a website especially a new website the chances are that the particular website will have longterm gains even from small basic SEO tricks.

Apart from SEO which brings organic traffic, there are so many other methods which bring out traffic to the site like E-Mail marketing, PPC, Social Sharing an much more which may bring a boost to regular traffic but all these tactics are sort of for temporary purpose. We can not expect a longterm gain from these techniques.

So in this blog, we will look into some of the basic yet most powerful SEO techniques and implementations which will definitely help to gain more traffic to your newly launched website.

You will not need to pay more for marketing to get traffic coming to your new website when you are having a solid search engine foundation for your website.

Grab these SEO tricks and tips while creating new website

Before diving into SEO tips, here are some checks you need to do

Even best SEO strategy can’t help a site when the site is not functioning perfectly. There are so many things you need to check for perfect working of your site. Firstly, make sure that your website is starting from HTTPS and not from HTTP.

This is a very important trust factor from last few years. If your site is running on an HTTP protocol than most of the browsers will give a security warning to all the visitors. And there are strong chances that the visitors will bounce off.

Make sure you check the speed of site on regular basis. Load time of site plays a major role in search engine results. Faster the site, better the ranking. For checking the site speed you can use any speed checker. Check out your site speed HERE.

And at last, you must choose a best hosting service for your site. Because better hosting services will keep running your site without any kind of interruption.

A perfect theme for your site

How your website looks is the most important aspect for attracting visitors to your site. Choosing a right theme for your site which takes care of your almost every requirement is very important. Without a perfect theme and a perfect platform, a website is incomplete.

Choose a theme which is SEO compatible as it will help in long-term. Before purchasing any theme check it yourself, the theme is actually SEO compatible or not, check its performance, rating reviews to ensure you are having the best one.

Blog section in the website

This is the powerhouse for generating organic traffic at your site. If you want traffic coming to your site regularly, then having a section is a life-saving idea. Having a blog section on a website has numerous benefits. You can provide useful information what your visitors are looking for.

If you want to convey some information to your users you can do in a blog section. You can describe your products in a well-documented format in blogs and the uses are limitless. Writing In-depth content helps in establishing good organic traffic to the site. This is because the search engines give more preference to long-form content rather than the short content.

Image Optimization

Images play a major role in determining the load time of the site. If the images used in the web pages are of large size than the web page will take longer to load. So for the smooth functioning of the site, proper image optimization is needed. As the SEO is the concern, image optimization has lot of things including proper Alt tag of the image, giving a proper description to the image and much more.

In addition to the Image Optimization, it is recommended not to use the copyrighted images. If some have uploaded an image on Internet, the search engine automatically puts a copyright tag on that image.

And if someone downloads and use that image without contacting to the respective owner. Or without giving credit to the legitimate owner of the image. The search engine may put a penalty for using such copyrighted property.

Content Optimization

Content optimization is the soul of the search engine optimization. If the content is not good and not relevant to the visitor than the content is of no use. For a newer website, you need to create such content which is relevant and properly optimized. The main part of the content optimization are the relevant keywords.

You need to perform keyword research very well for getting your site on the top. Finding right keywords for your site is not even that difficult. You can take help of various tools to start your keyword research planning. For better search results, you should also use the LSI keywords for boosting the search ratio for the content.

Linking structure of the website

Linking is mandatory in the world of SEO. The linking structure the site must be having both types of linking i.e internal and external. Interlinking means linking one page to another relevant page of the same site. And on the other side, external linking is done by linking page to some other useful website.

This process is called link building. If you are linking your site to some other site then make sure that the site is having a good ranking. You can check the ranking of any site at Alexa. If you want to know what are the ways to get quality links to your site, you should definitely check out the in-depth article related backlinks.

For good SEO results, you should check the broken links of your site on regular basis. This is because broken link leads to the bad reputation of the site and it will reflect in search engine rankings.

Security of the website

In the world of rapidly growing Internet where cyber attacks are at its peak. It becomes really important to protect your site from any unethical attack. There are so many plugins which are available for site protection, you can use any plugin to protect your site from such attacks.



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