How To Make SEO URL Structure In WordPress

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When the overall SEO is taken under the spotlight, one most important aspect of On Page Optimization is the proper SEO URL structure. As there are so many formats are available for creating a permanent link popularly known as permalink in WordPress. It becomes confusing sometimes to choose the best link structure for the page or post.

As the default URL structure of WordPress is not SEO friendly URL structure, it contains random numbers from which no information can be gathered. A perfect SEO URL structure is that link structure which represents the page. It defines what the page is about in a precise manner.

So how SEO URL structure looks like?

As mentioned above, a good SEO structure contains the focus keywords. This focus keywords helps the user to know about the page. Having focus keywords not only help readers to know about the page, but it also helps search engine to crawl the web page in a better manner.

When we include our keywords in the URL structure, the chances of getting higher ranking also increases. But keep one thing in consideration that, don’t over do the keywords.

Keep the URL readable and understandable for the readers. Let’s have a look at different types of URL structures:

Here are some examples of non-optimized URL structure

From above examples, we can understand all those URL structures from which we do not get any information are the non-optimized URLs.

Have a look at these available URL structures which are widely used over the Internet but they are not perfectly according to SEO:

First, comes thedefault URL structure of the WordPress:

Second is the numeric structure of the URL:

Third is the date and post name URL

Fourth is the custom type URL

So, here are few examples of how a proper SEO URL structure looks like:

From above examples of URL, we can understand what the URL is all about and what the page contains. These are properly optimized SEO URL structure which contains the focus keyword related to blog post topic.

The benefit of using such type of URL structure is that they are easy to interpret. A reader can easily get a quick idea, when the URL is easy to read the chances of URL sharing is also increased.

Here are few smart tips of creating perfect SEO URL structure

  • Always use your focus keyword in the permalink structure
  • Try to keep the URL short, precise and to the point
  • Avoid using the date in the URL as it’s importance starts decreasing with time
  • If you decide to change the structure of URL of already posted blog post than you should use 301 redirect

Creating a smart SEO structure is really simple by following these simple tips. If you are going to change the structure of URL of structure, then do it very carefully because if it not done carefully the page will give the error page not found. And only change the structure of the URL if it is very important.

This is because if the existing page URL is changed to something new, then the existing page will lose all its social shares. Other from losing the social shares another serious problem while changing the blog post URL is the ON Page SEO of the page. There are risking chances of losing all SEO for the page.

Then the question is this, in what condition one should change the page URL?

If there are some old blog post on your website whose URL structure is not properly optimized then you should make changes in the URL structure. If you were using simple URL structure or a date format, then you can opt for changing the structure to a better SEO optimized structure for best search engine results for your old blog posts.

In some of the under-performing blog post, after doing the proper keyword research you can edit your old blog posts according to the focus keyword and also change the URL structure. In such cases, it is the best option for changing the structure.

But if the social share numbers matters to you a lot then don’t change the URL structure of the blog post or pages. For improving your overall search engine visibility, having the optimized URL structure plays a sound role.



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