Shopify vs WooCommerce? Which works best for your ecommerce site?

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Shopify vs WooCommerce has become the hot talking points among the entrepreneurs, startup ventures and online enthusiasts. Both the platforms are specifically created for setting up an e-commerce site. This entails online shops, food chains, fashion store, online product sale or online shopping hubs.

There are other ecommerce solutions also available however this article doesn’t feature on those as Shopifyand WooCommerce are the most popular ones and generate curiosity among the site owners running online store or ecommerce business.

As both Shopify and WooCommerce are progressing at the same pace, this often leads to a state of confusion among the e-commerce startups about which one to opt for! Both these solutions have generated as much curiosity as anxiety about which is the best among the two… But here we have the answer.
Before we tell you which one is the best among the two, let us understand what exactly are those –

What is Shopify?

shopify vs woocommerce
Shopify is an ecommerce solution which gives all in one solution to build online store, provide apps manage products and process payment. Shopify fulfills all of the requirements, right from hosting site to premium support, in just a single service.

What is WooCommerce?

shopify vs woocommerce
WooCommerce is a free ecommerce platform which provides an open-source solution based on the framework of WordPress. It functions on Content Management System (CMS). It gives you the customized solution of everything that you need into your eCommerce site.

Shopify vs WooCommerce

Each of these ecommerce solutions has its merits and demerits in its own way.

Shopify works on following model

– You can opt for the plan of your choice and get free domain under all the plans. The basic plan starts at $29 for a month.
– You can add unlimited products and need not worry about marketing as Shopify manages marketing on its own
– It also charges some fees on all the payments
– Offers 24 x 7 support
– It owns its app shop, which features free as well as paid applications to enhance the productivity of e-commerce sites.
– It provides premium themes and self-analytics system which can be integrated with Google Analytics

WooCommerce works on following finer points

– WooCommerce doesn’t require you to pay initially but you have to purchase your own hosting as well as domain as it doesn’t
offer free domain.
– With WooCommerce, you can get support for unlimited number of products
– Payment fees are decided by the payment processors of your choice.
– It comes with an extension to grow your site, just like WordPress plugin both in paid and free varieties
– Support is provided through helpdesk as well as detailed documentation
– Here you have large varieties of pro as well as free WordPress themes for giving a magnetic appeal to your site.
– WooCommerce can also be integrated with Google Analytics through the use of the plugin.

Conclusion on Shopify and WooCommerce

With the use of Shopify, all your projects get simplified with just all-in-one solution for your e-commerce site. Talking about Woocommerce, it gives out more stuff free of cost. But you need to have a domain for that.
In short, Shopify suits those who do not want to handle too much of technique like open-source software, do not want to get into the mess of marketing and payment procedures, and also do not want to customize each and every aspect of their sites. Shopify is to simplify whereas WooCommerce is to extend and expand your choice of eCommerce site, so that you can get your business identity in your own way.

So both Shopify and WooCommerce have its own set of advantages and fair deal. It all depends on what kind of eCommerce site you are rooting for…
Do let us know which one you find the best in Shopify vs WooCommerce?


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