Smart ways to get quality backlinks to enhance your position in Google

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Backlinks are the base builders of any website as it gives desired impetus to the Search Engine Optimization. Backlinks are generally the page links of any website which when shared on other most visited websites, online forums or social networks transport the traffic to the concerned site. The backlinks taking visitors to your site are called inbound links while the same is called outbound links for the hosting site which is pushing the traffic to your website. So you see a backlink can be both inbound and outbound link at the same time.

Google follows quality backlinks


You may be toying with the idea, or little quizzed over how backlinks would help in building up SEO, when its role is limited to importing and exporting traffic to and from your site, respectively. Well the key lies in this process only! Actually backlinks are not just traffic generation tools but it also shows how popular or important your website is! If you have great number of good quality backlinks then it is the Google which first tracks and recognizes this development. Once you start getting backlinks from top ranked sites operating in your genre, Google will start picking you up in its position list. Whenever search is made around anything relating your site, Google will show your site prominently. This is because owing to backlinks Google has shown credibility in your site and considered your domain as more relevant than others.

Relevance is the key


Picture this. You have a nicely written food blog on your website about restaurants and you have created good number of followers directly coming to the site. You find your site’s Google rankings for the similar search quite considerable if not desirable. Then you share the backlink of this blog on some other website which commands a huge traffic but deals in automobiles and car selling. This will be quite irrelevant to your quality content and the backlinks so obtained will not be considered as quality backlinks in search engines. Why? Because, your content and the content of the site you are sharing your backlink on, perfectly mismatches and are not relevant to each other. So pay heed to relevance while sharing backlink otherwise you will do more harm than good for your site.

No shortcuts please, only ethical means


In the game of backlinks, another important factor is to go slow and let the backlinks mature and yield results quite naturally in due course of time. You may polish your content and pages and make it SEO ready to get maximum penetration for site rankings but to get quality backlink is a hard nut to crack, as you have to impress another website, particularly the one operating in your field only and could be your competitor, to publish your site’s link on their site. Perhaps, this is why Google or any other search engine regards quality backlinks the best criteria to judge any site’s position. It is often noticed that some webmasters resort to unethical means like sending out hidden links or creating automated pages called link farms to squeeze out backlinks to their sites. While this may yield them short term traffic but it may not last long as once Google recognizes this, the site indulging in such acts could be banned for ever.

Support hyperlink with relevant keywords


While creating a backlink, you must pay proper heed to usage of keywords which best defines the page. Just adding ‘click here’ to the text of hyperlink will not necessarily help to get desired SEO for your site. You may take the help of various ‘backlink anchor text analysis tools’ to make sure you are going ahead with relevant keywords in your text.
So friends, try these quick checks and proceed towards building up SEO for your site through securing best quality backlinks.


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